Premieres November rolled

In November of this Russian audience has a great number of high-profile premieres. These include "Twilight. Saga. Dawn "," Crew "with Denzel Vashigtonom and" Stories "Michael Segal. "Twilight. Saga. Dawn "the final part of the whole world proshumevshey saga. Like the "Harry Potter", they are coming to an end. Bella turned into a vampire, she and Edward had a daughter whom they named Renesmee. All anything, but the Volturi learns about the birth of the child. The final battle is coming. Film distributors do not doubt the huge box office, as fans of the franchise all over the world a

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Photo fact: In Florida Zoo chimpanzee named Anyang adopted two cubs

Foster mother helps take care of the cubs and even feed them from the nipples. Zoo staff believe that Anyang with the kittens can be as long as they do not grow up. When they wake up animal instincts, such a friendship can become dangerous.

Ship with Russians broke into the sea

In the Red Sea off the coast of Jordan, Egyptian ferry caught fire Bella, which was carrying more than a thousand people. According to some, of them could be of the order of 50 Russian tourists.

The ferry sailed between the Jordanian port of Aqaba and Nuweiba Egypt. To the scene came from a nearby position vessel "Eila", on board there are doctors with the necessary equipment and the supply of drugs. To date, the Rescuers evacuated all passengers from the ship to the other Bella. This operation involved the Egyptian military.

All on board a ship in distress were

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Terrible effects of warming by 4 degrees

As predicted by climate scientists, our planet may become warmer by 4 ° C. Such seemingly small warming will lead to serious problems. Among them — the sea level rise, catastrophic consequences for agriculture in Africa, the mass migration of people from the coastal cities.

Researchers at the International Institute of Livestock, led by Peter Thornton, climate models used to predict the future of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Statistics show that the yield in the region gradually decreases every two years, and we can not rely on existing culture and cultivation processes.

Along with global warming projected population growth

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Thirty people died from the 40-degree heat in the U.S.

At least 30 people were killed in attacks provoked by hot weather in several U.S. states, said on Sunday agentstvoAssoshieyted Press referring to the local authorities.

Most of the victims — elderly people who have a 40-degree heat of a heart attack. Nine people were killed in Maryland, three in Ohio, ten people died from heat waves in Chicago (Illinois), doctors also recorded deaths in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

The situation is aggravated by the heat of a power failure due to storm past the cyclone on the Atlantic side, in particular, about 120,000 people in the West Virginia remain

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In Samara, there was a second incident in two days with the failure of the soil

Sakhalin residents attacked by bears

Come into the house and steal the dogs, and even knocking on the windows of cars. By the laws of nature, they have long must sleep in dens. Instead they roam the island in search of food.

Power to buy a ton of fish predators, the common people are fed condensed milk … But experts are categorical — all this does not help. Power to buy a ton of fish predators, the common people are fed condensed milk … But experts are categorical — all this does not help.

Report from our correspondent Daniel Gorchakov.

These rolls

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Became known to the Oscar nominees

Recently, the world has become clear who among the actors will be nominated for the most prestigious award in the field of cinema golden Oscar. The record for nominations was Spielberg film "Lincoln," which won Oscars already 12! The next film, a leader in the awards was named Ang Lee's acclaimed film, "Life of Pi."

One of the most deserving of nominations is the title of best film. Claim to the title such films as "Django released" C. Tarantino, "wild beasts of the south" B. Zaytlina, "Love" by Michael Haneke, "The Life of Pi" Ang Lee, "Operation Argo" Ben Affleck,

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New quake of magnitude 5.5 occurred in Turkey

The residual impulse magnitude 5.5 occurred in the southeastern Turkish province of Van, the Turkish Meteorological Center. Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred on Sunday in Van province, said Seismological Observatory of Bosphorus University. Underground shock was recorded at 13.40 local time (14.40 MSK), its epicenter was at a depth of 5 kilometers. According to a U.S. Geological Survey, the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.6, aired Reuters.

The earthquake in Japan on the island of Hokkaido — 6.2 points

Tokyo, Oct. 21 / Xinhua / — On Friday afternoon at the Japanese Hokkaido earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale. Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet. This was reported to the Meteorological Service of Japan.

According to the service, the tremors were recorded at 17:03 local time / 12:03 MSK / epicenter was in the central part of Hokkaido Kamikawa at coordinates 43.8 degrees north latitude and 142.6 degrees east longitude. Hypocenter lies at a depth of 190 km.

In Japan's meteorological service said that in addition to Hokkaido, the tremors of varying strength were felt

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