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In the struggle with heavy metals useful onions

Biotechnologists from Indraprastha University in New Delhi believe that the remains of onions and garlic after the food industry can be further used for the adsorption of environmentally hazardous heavy metals. And the onion and garlic waste can safely be used for the purification of contaminated materials on an industrial scale.

Work on the creation of a universal biological filter gone far enough, we already know the behavior of filter media in different acidity or alkaline medium, at different temperatures and different duration of exposure to heavy metals. Thus, at a temperature of 50 ° C, the cleaning efficiency

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In St. Petersburg will be a storm

November 28 in St. Petersburg is expected to increase in wind up to 15 — 20 m / s.

On strengthening wind warning EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg. Morning and afternoon, November 28 the wind will blow in the north-west. Due to strong winds the press service of the ministry of St. Petersburg calls to observe security measures.

A giant rift appeared in Pakistan

A very long break / crack formed in Sigi (Seagi), Gulistan (Gulistan), Pakistan. Information in the media and no more details just are not reported. The author has published the video, said that the video he sent one of his subscribers.

Gulistan(Urdu:?? — Flower Garden)— Town and Tehsil, an administrative center of the district Qila Abdullah in Pakistani Baluchistan, is 8 km from the Afghan border at an altitude of 1481 m



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Best children or Tweedy on Kulichkakh

Leading national children's portal "Tweedy" said that will be the largest site on the Web for users of 8 to 14 years. Information that Tweedy has acquired ownership is one of the oldest online resources for children in Russia "Children on Kulichkakh" distributed media holding RBC.

According to the results of the transaction, the amount of which has not been announced, after the merger Tweedy get a monthly audience of more than 2.5 million people (more than a third of all Russian children in the network).

General Director Oleg Ulyansky Tweedie said that the integration of sites has already begun.

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In June, the camp will volunteer to clean up the Gulf

Volunteers will conduct trash removal in the Gulf of Finland in the volunteer camp "clearance" from June 24 to July 5, said the head of the camp Alina Kolovska.

"The place we have chosen to clean, very beautiful, but heavily littered. This beach is well known to fans of" wild "tourism. Some of them leave behind a small dump under bushes. We will scrape these ancient pile. Believe that the collector will much, not a ton, "- said Kolovska RIA Novosti.

According to the organizers, the harvest will be from separate collection of waste. Recyclables will be transported to the

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Scientists have recreated the DNA of bubonic plague

Scientists to recreate the DNA of bacteria that causes one of the most dreaded diseases in human history — the bubonic plague. DNA sample could be obtained from bacteria of human teeth, who died of the plague in London. According to researchers, this organism is the ancestor of all bacteria in the world today, and these studies will help to understand the nature of modern infectious diseases.

The number of victims of a meningitis outbreak in the United States is growing

In the U.S., the number of victims continues to grow with a rare form of meningitis outbreaks. On Tuesday, representatives of the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that to date have died from it 11.

Previously reported that the first case of fungal meningitis was recorded on September 21 in Tennessee, and since they are sick 119 people in ten U.S. states — Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. According to experts, the number of infections will increase, since this form of meningitis has a long — up to

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In Austria, a day the weather changed from summer to winter

In just one night the inhabitants of Austria moved from unusually warm "Indian Summer" in the winter. As early as Thursday afternoon air is heated to 27 degrees in some places the heat, and this morning the thermometer showed only slightly above zero. The temperature difference a day made up more than 20 degrees. The reason for such a whim of nature, reminding process of hardening, the invasion was a strong cold front that brought the warm sun to replace the cold, wind and rain, and the mountains — snow. White, fluffy carpet thickness of 10-12 cm is dressed green

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Thailand Weather Service warned of storms from May 16 to 18

Heavy rain, a storm at sea, and the risk of flooding in Thailand expected in the next three days in the most popular resort areas in the country, the weather service in Thailand.

"Heavy rains are expected on May 16-18 in the northern, eastern and western part of the south. In the Andaman Sea is probably the appearance of waves up to three meters. Residents of the villages located on the slopes of the mountains should be prepared for storm water runoff and flooding," — said.

In the Andaman Sea, near the island of Phuket, Krabi and Phang, all recreational

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Tornadoes in central Mexico

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