In Armenia, a landslide blocked the road

In Tuesday night on the road leading from the city of Vanadzor in Bagra village on the Georgian-Armenian border again collapsed. To arrive at the scene for more rescue teams in place mobilized heavy equipment.

A volcanic eruption in Indonesia began Soputan

Volcanic eruption Soputan in northern Indonesian island of Sulawesi began on Sunday morning, the Associated Press reported, citing the head of the agency Volcanological Surono (Surono).

According to him, during the eruption occurred volcanic ash and gases to a height of six kilometers. Volcanologists declared evacuation zone within a radius of 6.5 kilometers from the volcano, but no one was evacuated.

"At the moment, no evacuation was not made, because the nearest town is about five miles from the volcano," — said Surono.

The possible impact of the eruption on flights in the area is not reported.

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Weekend Belarus frosts are expected

According to the Republic of Belarus, Saturday, Sept. 17, in peatlands Polesie weak frost is likely to 0, minus 2 degrees under the influence of Scandinavian anticyclone with fresh air, which will move from the territory of the Republic of Poland. Weather with increasing pressure to improve. Precipitation largely stopped only in the north-eastern areas will be sunny. Here dotyanet influence of cold atmospheric front Atlantic cyclone. Wind weakens to moderate. Afternoon air warms in the northeast to 12 degrees to the south-west to 19.

On Sunday, on drained peat and in low areas likely to continue freezing nights

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Volcanic eruption in Iceland: the Europeans are preparing for the worst


To Europe again moves the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn. The air space above the Iceland already closed. In other countries, hoping that the events of last spring, when because of another Icelandic volcano, thousands of flights were canceled, yet avoided.


Country geysers, like a year ago, is again in the headlines. Grimsvont — the most active volcano in the island state spews ash column to a height of 20 kilometers. Authorities initially suspend work the capital's airport, and then completely close the air

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Rabies outbreak in Volgograd villages

Outbreak recorded in the three villages of the three districts

As the correspondent of "AIF-Volgograd" in the administration of the region, the governor Anatoly Brovko yesterday signed an order for the quarantine status of three rural communities: this farm Medvedev Ilovlya district, village Umet Kamyshin district and farm Plamenka Kletskaya district.

At the time of quarantine in the villages banned trade in pets and wildlife trapping and holding exhibitions of dogs and cats, activities and litter nataske dogs. Regional Committee of Health instructed to prevention activities of rabies in epidemiologically dangerous areas.

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Carpathian Basin may become active volcanic zone

As shown by new geological studies Carpathian basin could again become an active volcanic zone, volcanologists said University Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) in Hungary.

The latest methodologies used by geologists indicate that the crater lake of the picturesque Sfanta Ana (Szent Anna-Anne's), the former Hungarian region of Transylvania, can be a hotspot of molten lava, which could eventually break the surface.

Hungarian scientists have recently found evidence that the last known eruption was here "only" 30,000 years ago.

This suggests that the range of mountains around the lake can be much younger than previously thought, and the chances are

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Pressure will continue to grow in Moscow

According to weather forecasts, today in Moscow will be cloudy and light snow will go. In this case, the atmospheric pressure does not stop growing.

It is learned from the reports Internet portal "Meteonovosti" temperature in Moscow was minus 13-15 degrees in the field — minus 12-17 degrees. South-east wind will blow at a speed 7.2 meters per second.

In addition, forecasters say that under the influence of an anticyclone remain elevated background of atmospheric pressure, which will continue to grow in the middle of the day will be 767 millimeters of mercury.

Keep all the conditions for the emergence

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South of Japan poured rain


16 iyunya.Svyazannye with active cyclone over the East China Sea atmospheric fronts determine weather regions strany.V next day the cyclone will move to the east of the island of Honshu — say sinoptiki.Nepogoda affect and Tokyo.

Source: Channel peak

Fukushima-1. Fire on the first reactor. June 20, 2011


Today at 21.00 on the first reactor Fukushima-1, started the fire, which continues today. With a web camera installed in the station, you can see the smoke rising above the destroyed 1st reactor.

Due to flooding in the Kuban regime introduced emergency

In Gelendzhik area of the river overflowed. Rivers and Aderba Mezyb overflowed. Hardest hit Arkhipo-Osipovka. The water came into the building and flooded gardens and 75 houses.

Eyewitnesses say it all happened in a matter of minutes. The water level in the rivers rose due to heavy rains. A few hours had the monthly rainfall. The village Divnomorskoe flooded 30 households, their owners will now have to make repairs in the village of Riverside podtopilo 8 houses. Residents of 8 houses and had to flee the village Aderbievka, a dozen gardens washed away with water. It was only a half

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