Costa Blanca — beach holidays in Spain

Costa Blanca gives tourists a combination of beauty clean, sandy beaches, warm sea, mild Mediterranean climate, the appeal of the mountain landscape and the vibrant nightlife of Benidorm, Denia and Calpe. Once here the first time, be sure to start thinking about what would be nice to have here your own picturesque corner.

Company Ispan Invest, SL will select the good options of property located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca, between Benidorm and Denia. Substantially all of the real estate in the region is for seasonal living, and therefore the search for housing "all year round", we

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In Northern Ireland could begin flooding

Northern Ireland may be affected by severe flooding. The reason for this may serve as a steady rain, the sharp drop in temperature and wind storm.

In other parts of the UK are also expected heavy rains, storm wind, frost and even snow, writes Belfas Ttelegrap. This, like the movie plot movie Terra Nova, to inflame the raging elements.

Tornadoes in North Dakota, USA

A giant landslide blocked the road in Jalal-Abad — Kyzyl-Suu

15.05.12.V Jalal-Abad, a huge landslide that came down about 2.00 hour. blocked the highway Jalal-Abad — Kyzyl-Suu. Driving on the road is temporarily stopped. MES reported Tuesday.

"The volume of mud weight coming down on the site from 50 th to the 60 th kilometer of the road is 3000 cubic meters. At this time, the road is blocked. 114 families were left with no connection to the outside world. From the budget of the city of Jalal-Abad to clear roads allocated 20 thousand soms. Cleaning work is being done by local people, "- said in a statement.

MOE warns

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Kamchatka bears started manhunt

Kamchatka region called on the population to extreme caution when hiking in the woods, as the region, the cases bear attack on humans. "Those who go into the woods today, be mindful of the constant threat of attack these predators," — said the head of the Forestry Agency Kamchatka Natalia Ermolenko. Special attention, experts point to the inadmissibility of food waste in landfill sites fishings and settlements: easy prey attracts predators. Since the beginning of the summer on the peninsula recorded more than 50 cases of meeting people with the bears. 16 aggressive predators had to shoot. The last incident

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Storm warning announced in the Lipetsk region

Strong wind and rain and wet snow is expected in the Lipetsk region on Wednesday and Thursday, rescuers have declared a storm warning, told RIA Novosti gorupravleniya for Civil Defense and Emergencies.

Frosty weather, which is in a few days and Lipetsk region, with rapid warming environment will change. Thermometers will show more than 10 degrees — from minus 13 to plus one on Wednesday and Thursday.

"Looming warm front that will bring sleet, rain and strong winds of up to 20 meters per second. From Lipetsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environment received a storm warning," — said the source.

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Scientists have brought a new variety of wheat that can grow in salty soil

Australian biologists have brought a new durum wheat varieties that can grow in salty soils of Australia and other continents, and successfully grew the first crop of "salt-tolerant" cereal, according to an article published in the journal Nature Biotechology.

To date, only a small part of land — about 10% — is used to grow a variety of crops. The current estimate of the UN, only 23% of the total land area can be successfully used for agricultural purposes, the remaining areas are not suitable for this purpose because of the harsh climatic conditions or soil composition.

The group led

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Many flights delayed or canceled due to snow in London

The largest London airport "Heathrow" on Friday afternoon closed one of its two runways because of snow, many flights are delayed or canceled, said the airport.

Heavy snow fell on Friday morning, the United Kingdom, in some areas of the country have dropped 10.5 inches of snow. Weather forecasters while unfavorable — the snow will go all day.

Passengers are advised to check the status of each flight immediately before leaving for the airport. Largest British airline British Airways has announced the cancellation of dozens of flights, including flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Transportation services have prepared snowplows and

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Heavy rain and hail in Moscow


St. Saratov Suddenly ordinary storm into a weather catastrophe — a strong wind, hail, pulled out from the windows of mosquito nets …


Italy can not cope with the Landfill

The European Commission is going to cause by Italy to court to recover the penalty for what the country has not been able to deal with more than 250 landfills in their territory. Especially stringent requirements apply to the destruction of numerous landfills, where the hazardous waste.

And earlier in the official services of the country there was a negligent attitude towards the disposal of their own waste. So, in 2007, nothing has been done to comply with directives of the European Court on the clearing of hundreds of legal and illegal dumps. European Commission then decided to turn

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