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Residents of the village on the Amur river without water due to a leak of waste

CPS found elevated nitrate levels in drinking water wells and the Lunga River near the village of Pioneer in the Amur region.

According to data posted on the website of the supervisory authority, resulting in leakage of waste production at gold mine "Pioneer" of "Pokrovsky Rudnik" cyanide compounds were contaminated underground source of mine.

"The results of laboratory studies of water contamination of public wells and river ice Lunga village" Pioneer "cyanide compounds. In water found to exceed health standards for nitrates, which is associated with the process of disintegration of cyanide compounds in the environment," — said in a

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What revoked Romanian diplomat?

Rather curious situation has developed around the current Romanian military attache in the Republic of Moldova. He was hastily recalled to their homeland after having been detained by members of the metropolitan traffic police in the regularly scheduled operation, code-named "White Nights." The reason for the detention of Romanian officer was driving while intoxicated.

According to the medical board, the percentage of alcohol in the blood delayed by more than three times the normal rate. Romanian government and, in particular, the Ministry of Defence intends to set up a commission to review the incident. The action of the Minister

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Victims of E. coli in Germany were already 35 people

Up to 35 people, the number of victims of acute intestinal infection in Germany. German health Mnistr Daniel Bar said that the number of deaths caused by acute intestinal infection has risen to 35 people, reports the British Television and Radio Bi-bi-si. As the bar, it can not be excluded that this number will increase. "The fact that the number of new infections is reduced, gives some cause for optimism, but does not exclude new deaths in the future," — he said in an interview with the German press. According to WHO, the number of infections has exceeded 3,200

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How to buy a steam engine?

In our time, there is a very noble and pleasant hobby — steam engines. This beautiful and designed for different levels of enthusiasm. For example, if you are a keen designer, you can buy a small plant in parts, plus many more accessories. For a long time to collect them, to design situations, etc.

If you just want a beautiful thing, and you may not bring any difficulty, but the delights of all others, and in his spare time, it's just a beautiful decoration of the interior, it is surprisingly also a steam engine. You can buy a pre-assembled

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Hurricane and tornado in Lithuania



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Earthquake in Turkey caused panic in Iran

Echoes occurred on Sunday in Turkey powerful earthquake sunk to Iran, causing panic among the population. Fluctuations in the Earth's crust were felt in the north-west of the country — in the cities of Hoi, Urmia and Tabriz, Salmas. In Khoy magnitude quake was 4.6 points. So far no reports of casualties and the probability of failure in Iran have been reported, according to ITAR-TASS. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred in eastern Turkey. Strong tremors were felt in Armenia and Georgia.

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Humpback whales can sing mating songs, forgetting about food

Humpback whales migrate after the cold latitudes to feed continue to perform lengthy courtship songs, forgetting about food, scientists have found.

Humpback whales are distinguished among other cetaceans complexity "songs" that they use in the breeding season. The song of the male consists of sounds and "phrases" in the range of 40 to 5000 Hz lasting an average of 6 to 35 minutes. However, in reality this type of whale has three clearly separated seasonal periods: proliferation, migration, feeding, which, according to the observations of scientists, never coincide in time.

But the authors of the study, which is published in

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Capital threatens malaria epidemic

ROSPOTREBNADZOR Moscow has sounded the alarm: in the city at any time could be an outbreak of malaria. Disinsection reservoirs, which in recent years has been literally "on the clock", unexpectedly failed. — Most of the city's water bodies (70%) populated by mosquito larvae. This allows you to assess the situation at the moment as potentially dangerous for malaria — expressed fears Elena Tanygina, Senior Specialist — Expert of the supervision of dangerous infections and sanitary protection of the territory Rospotrebnadzor Moscow. — Carriers we have, and there are cases of importation. If nothing will change, sooner or later, expect

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Abnormal heat set at most of Russia

According to RIA Novosti, the abnormally Hot summer weather in most parts of Russia, except for some areas in the eastern part of the country, with the greatest excess weight observed in the central and northern Siberia, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"Most parts of the country there is an abnormally hot weather. Exceptions were only the southern region of Western Siberia, the Urals, the north-east of Yakutia, Magadan region continental areas and parts of the south of Eastern Siberia and the Far East," — said in a statement.

Despite the fact that exceptions to the general

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In the Zhytomyr region lightning killed a guys father found his son on the sound of a mobile phone

On July 21, about 15 hours near the village town in Zhytomyr region Ruzhin lightning hit the 21-year-old boy. Vitali walked through the field, carrying his father, who handles the day on the tractor field cigarettes. Bad weather descended suddenly, when the guy was almost in the middle of pure field, where there was no way to protect yourself from the elements, the press service of the UMCHS in Zhytomyr region. Father and some of his companions hid from the rain under a canopy field camp. They had seen two or three lightning struck the ground very close. Man, sensing

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