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In Latvia, the high levels of ultraviolet radiation

At the end of this and early next week in Latvia will be high levels of ultraviolet radiation, according to the Latvian Center for the Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

The thickness of the ozone layer over Latvia was 320-350 Dobson units, predicts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric USA. UV index in the middle of the day will be achieved, and possibly more than six points on a scale of 0 to 11, which is considered high and requires protection from the sun's rays.

People with sensitive skin are recommended to be in the shade, especially in the period between 11.00

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In the Belgorod region detected anthrax

21.07.11.Upravlenie Rosselkhoznadzor Belgorod region reported the discovery of anthrax in the village Glotovo Belgorod region, the press service of the department on July 21.

Analysis of biological material slaughtered pigs tested positive for an infectious disease. Graivoronsky district administration has put in the Belgorod region Glotovo quarantine.

All necessary measures to combat the disease. Rosselkhoznadzor said that the danger area is currently 292 pigs, but the animals yet feel fine, mass deaths in Glotovo not fixed.

It is assumed that the pig, whose tests for anthrax were positive were infected on July 12. Recall that the last

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A new look at the nature of the recycling process of TerraCycle

30-year ekoentuziast Tom Szaky, who dropped out of Princeton University to start their own innovative company TerraCycle in Trenton, New Jersey, said that everything, even the contents of ashtrays, can get to be recycled, but that is not suitable for recycling, should be fit. In May last year in Canada, he began volunteer program to collect cigarette butts and turn them into plastic, which in the future may become material for everything, even for ashtrays. The program works in the U.S. and Spain. It is planned to start in Mexico and several countries in Europe.

The recycling process begins

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Mogilev daisies bloom

Mogilev on the streets because of the unusually warm autumn bloom field daisies.

In the Irkutsk region meteorite fell

In place of the departed members of MES and correspondents "KP In Osa district of Irkutsk region, presumably a meteorite fell. It happened at about 18:00 on March 1. Residents of nearby villages — Barahal, Obusha, a village in North saw in the sky over the taiga flash, then a loud clap.

— I already talked to the witness, a resident of Obusha, he argued, clearly saw a flash over the taiga, a very bright, like a super-power flash from the camera — said "KP" observatory director Sergei Yazev ISU. — Now, I can only express assumption, because the data

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Sinkhole in Utah led to fatal crash

15-year-old girl died in an accident on the road. SUV, which was traveling Justine Barnek with his father, was in a huge hole over 10 feet wide, formed in the roadway due to heavy rains. Her father Michael Barnek survived and was taken to hospital with head injuries.

Some time later, a second car ended up in the same hole. 37-year-old Helen Paulson also injured, said road patrol Todd Johnson. "All three were wearing seat belts," he added.

The incident occurred about 90 miles east of Salt Lake City after a severe storm, reports

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Krasnoyarsk Pillars will be accessible to the disabled

The Krasnoyarsk reserve "Pillars" to equip a special hiking trail for the disabled, said Wednesday at a press conference, director of the reserve Vyacheslav Shcherbakov.

According to him, the path until it reaches the most famous rock reserve and laid over a few hundred meters from the entrance to the chapel, built in honor of the dead climbers.

"The track is specially equipped for on it could comfortably move people with disabilities or mothers with strollers. Its width is such that it will be able to pass one another on the two prams. At places where the trail rises above

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Earthquake in the Caspian Sea

The earthquake was recorded today at 12:21 local time in the Caspian Sea, 142 km north-east of Baku.

Azerbaijan, Baku, Oct. 5 / corr. Trend I.Isabalayeva /

This was reported to Trend Seismological Service Center of the National Academy of Sciences (ANAS).

Tremors were not felt.

Abadan: The shells from exploding weapons depots scattered over several kilometers

There are documentary evidence that at the time of explosions at arms depots in the Turkmen city of Abadan shells to scatter a few miles from the epicenter. Filmed this video locals almost became a victim of "pyrotechnic" shelling …

Sinkhole in Sochi

12.07.11. Yesterday, July 11, at Grape Street, in the area of private building, collapsed ground.

According to witnesses, the collapse was the result of construction work on the tunnel construction a few hundred meters from the federal highway.

Under the road and part of the house on the street of the vine, 133/6 earth collapsed. Dwelling on the fence fell a tree, and a resident of the house — an elderly woman received a few bruises. By sheer luck no one was hurt.

At the scene, firefighters arrived, making sure that communications are not hurt and there is no risk

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