The garden bloomed azaleas Stavropol

In Stavropol Botanical Gardens bloom exotic representatives of the flora. Blossomed azalea — a flower, which usually begins to open their buds only in late spring.

Another name for the flower — rhododendron Indian, though his birthplace — China and Japan. In the East, it is considered a symbol of feminine beauty.

However, in the Stavropol Botanical Garden say that flowering azaleas — merit is not a capricious nature, and local botanists.

"We tried to make sure that they have bloomed for the New Year. Flowering has been going for about a month. These plants is probably

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Sinkhole in the U.S.

An avalanche killed in Norway a group of skiers (video)

In the north of Norway, through an avalanche killed five tourists. Among them — the four schveytsarskih and a French alpine skier.

As reported, dead bodies found in the snow at a depth of six meters. Six other skiers escaped.

Avalanche came down in the afternoon with a kilometer high.

Land covered by intense magnetic storm

According to experts, the Earth covered by intense magnetic storm. This event is caused by the flow of solar plasma, the release of which was a result of two series of solar flares. Strengthening of geomagnetic activity can cause failure of communication systems. In addition, the magnetic fluctuations had a negative impact on the health of people.


On the subject:

Began the most powerful in the five years the magnetic storm



Magnetic storms in the last 24 hours


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Meteorologists recorded Friday temeperaturnye records in the center of the Russian Federation

Record high temperature for the day was recorded on Friday in some regions of the center of European Russia, said the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The warmest year on record day was in Bryansk, Tula, Orel, Belgorod, Kaluga and Ryazan," — said in a statement.

Thus, in the Bryansk temperature rose to 25.6 degrees, cutting the record set in 2007 — 23.2 degrees.

In Tula, not holding a record in 1974 (23 degrees) — the temperature rose to 24.5.

In the south, the CFD was even hotter: Orel weather station recorded a temperature of 26.5 degrees (old record — 23.3

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In central Russia are frosts and snowstorms

At Capital Region looming cold and snow. "Predzime" in the metropolitan area is going to plan — no records, reports, "ITAR-TASS" weatherman.

This weekend in Moscow will still be zero temperature, rain and snow and light sleet on the roads, but the next week will begin.

First, sharply colder — on Tuesday will blow arctic ice and strong wind, in the suburbs the temperature drops to minus 4-6.

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Two Brazilian hospitalized with suspected E.coli infection

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 25 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Krasnov. Two residents of the city of Campinas, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo hospitalized with suspected E. coli poisoning E.coli, which has killed more than 40 people in Germany, according to the Secretariat of Health of São Paulo.

According to doctors, both ill shortly before hospitalization returned from Germany, where he was first recorded this dangerous intestinal infection. Patients completed the necessary examination, the results of bacteriological examinations will be announced in the coming days.

Brazil's Ministry of Health issued a note in which he asks traveling to Europe

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Sand storms, heavy rains and storms are raging in China

Dark clouds covered the sky on April 17 in Beijing, the city collapsed rains and sandstorms. In southern China on the same day gale reached 45.5 meters per second, a tempest of hail in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou due to the threat of flooding.

In the cities of Foshan, Zhaoqing and Dongguan South China's Guangdong Province, on Sunday, a result of natural disasters have killed at least 17 people and injured 118, the official publication of the PRC "Xinhua".

In spring 2010, dust storms in China have covered 16 provinces. Residents not to leave their homes. Over

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Pentagon predicts dramatic climate change

Climate change on Earth may not only be gradual, but sudden, abrupt. The probability of such a development, and their catastrophic require extraordinary measures. In some cases, emergency measures will also include the use of military force. This is the main conclusion of the report, "Weather Report: 2010-2020" [1], prepared by professional futurologists for the Ministry of Defense in 2003. So remote in time the date of the development of the document does not make it any less relevant today — in fact, the events can clearly see that much of the forecast has come true.

Experts argue that global

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Climate change is more real than real

Widely debated hurricane Sandy gave the U.S. East Coast this sink. Heavy rain, flooding and squally winds resulted in widespread destruction and the cascading effect of extinction of electricity and problems with transport links. Fallen pillars with electric cables caused the fire and shock people with electricity. Economic activity of the coast to a halt due to the temporary closure of enterprises and public services. The saddest thing is that the vast majority of the affected areas last year experienced similar hardships during Hurricane Irene.

Cleaning sand from the road after Hurricane Sandy on Long Beach, New Jersey, USA.

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