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Sun downturned

Inhomogeneity of the magnetic field on the Sun has led to a unique image — our star smiles at us.

Now you can watch the sun giant smiley size of the entire stellar disk, RIA "Novosti", referring to the scientists of the Physical Institute. Lebedev. "Smiles of about 600,000 kilometers and eye diameter of 200 thousand kilometers form magnetic field of the Sun. Black areas are fields of negative polarity, and white — positive. Pupils Sun is about four times the diameter of Earth, that is, in those eyes, in fact, you can drown "- reported in the Laboratory of

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In Poltava flowered lilac grove. Photo

On the outskirts of the village, Poltava region Dikanka flowered lilac grove. Flowers appear on the majority of the bushes. Just a grove of more than 100 varieties of lilacs, it is 2 hectares.

"That was last fall. Only the lonely bushes bloomed. People like — said township chairman Valery Tolstoy. — Guy bloomed this weekend. "

Repeat flowering can lead to the death of plants, said Lyudmila Gomlya dendrologist Poltava.

"The main cause of flowering — heat. 20-21 degrees Celsius is not typical for this time period. Therefore, early-flowering plants are confused spring to autumn — explains

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In Sumy blossomed chestnuts

Intercession on the streets and squares of the Peter and Paul, without having to lose their leaves, chestnuts again delight passers white candles of colors. Second youth. Sumy chestnuts traditionally showered early and re-bloom right in the center of the city. Several trees bloom next to the Sumy Oblast Philharmonic. However, these trees that bloom twice a year, have long been the norm, not only in Sumy, but in all of Ukraine. September gave a second youth of Kiev, Donetsk and Mariupol chestnuts.

For several years scientists have puzzled over the cause of re-blooming chestnut trees. And they found

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More and more cases of cholera reported in Afghanistan

17.06.11.Epidemiya cholera is spreading rapidly in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, is now noted for several thousand cases. Said the head of the local health department Ahmadullah Faizi.

According to him, in the last two months of registered deaths from this disease a few dozen children, RIA Novosti reported.

According to doctors, 80% of cholera cases from the total number of cases are children under the age of about five years.

The main cause of the epidemic, said Faizi is a blatant lack of sanitation in Afghan families using nursing dirty teats, inadequate access to clean

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In Sevastopol, due to the abnormally warm weather flowers blossomed

Abnormally warm for January weather in Sevastopol. Temperature reaches the April figures, flowers bloom, buds on trees and bushes, reports

The last seven days in Sevastopol average air temperature reaches 10-12 degrees Celsius. But starting Friday, the city established a surprisingly windless and warm, despite the absence of the sun, in some areas the air warmed up to plus 18 degrees.

In Pridvorova front gardens blossomed flowers, refreshed the grass that has become a bright emerald green color, which usually appears in April. For some types of flowers already sit bees that usually appear in late April.

Local people

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In China, a huge failure in the land of the house the family lived in one night

We have all heard of Ali Baba and his " Tales of the Arabian Nights "Open sesame", but who would have thought that a hole can be opened as suddenly as the legendary door in the back yard of one person for one night? This is exactly what happened to Zhang Fengrong (Fengrong) and his family in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China. People left their home on what a huge failure in the ground suddenly appeared in the yard overnight.

The depth of a giant crater, remains unknown, despite several attempts to measure it, down to the crater of the

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U.S. state of Montana. Unknown epidemic killed thousands of deer

Billings, Montana — the population of white-tailed deer in eastern Montana and other northern plains almost extinct. Restoration of the population of reindeer can take years. Monstrous epidemic unknown disease has killed thousands of animals in recent months.

In northeast Montana, officials said 90 percent or more of reindeer killed. Death of the animals was also recorded on the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers in western North Dakota and Montana and in Wyoming, South Dakota and eastern Kansas.

Death deer attributed to an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, but this is only speculation. EGB cause internal bleeding, which kill infected

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Explosions in Cyprus: 12 people killed, 30 injured

A powerful bomb exploded this morning at a military base in Cyprus Evangelos Florakis between the cities of Limassol and Larnaca. As a result, PE 12 people were killed and another 30 were wounded.

According to preliminary data, there was a fire two containers of gunpowder, which also led to an explosion in a warehouse, where he kept 98 containers, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the Cypriot media, at a military base exploded containers with ammunition, which were removed in 2009 from the vessel "Monchegorsk", who was walking under the Cyprus flag. It was intercepted by the

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In the Carpathians, bears cure for stress

In Ukraine, opened a rehabilitation center for the Bears, who were ill-treated. These bears will take away from the owners, and to send to restore health to the Carpathians.

According to news channel 24, in the National Park "Synevir" for 2.4 million hryvnia arranged the 14 hectares of land, this created a natural habitat for brown bears.

Bear Resort is designed for 30 animals, but if necessary it can be expanded. Here will bring animals from all over Ukraine. And take care of them are European volunteers. Twenty-trained staff will teach clumsy not live in cages, and

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WWF calls for a return to the will of the coastal tiger cubs after rehabilitation

Three caught in Primorye four-month cubs after successful rehabilitation, which can take a year or two, should be released into the wild, said the coordinator of the program for the conservation of biodiversity of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Sergey Aramilev.

Three of four-Amur tiger November 27 came to the military unit involved barking dog. Predators tried to suppress it, but they are frightened guard who drove the cubs back into the forest. Next tigress could not be found, and the protection of wildlife officers decided to take the edge of the cubs from the

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