6.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Chile, no casualties

Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred on Wednesday in northern Chile, about injuries were reported, local media reported.

According to the Institute of Seismology, University of Chile, the earthquake occurred at 16.02 (23.00 MSK) local time, its epicenter was 30 kilometers from the village of La Higuera near Coquimbo (458 kilometers north of the capital).

Tremors were felt as residents of the regions of Atacama, Valparaiso and O'Higgins. In some places, the earthquake caused slight panic — people quickly left the building and ran out into the open, fearing damage.

Such an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Monday at the

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About domains and registration

Let's talk about domains. Domain word comes from the English word domain — domain, territory. But no, we are not talking about the British territories, but the modern concept of a domain, which has come to us from the Internet.

There is an international agreement under which each country is allocated a specific code word in 2-3 letters long, and which is called the domain of the first level. This is the domain of a given country. Questions about the creation, support and management of top-level domains is responsible for the international organization ICANN — Internet Corporation for Assigned

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The past year was a record year in Russia the number of hazards in 14 years

The past 2012 was a record number of hazards in Russia over the last 14 years — cases of heavy snow and rain, gale force winds, extreme heat or cold, the press service of Hydromet.

According to meteorologists, in 2012, in Russia there were 469 cases of severe weather systems and meteorological phenomena, inflicting substantial damage. The number of registered hazards compared with 2011 increased by almost 1.5 times.

"The high frequency of heavy precipitation events has been, strong wind … but on the parameters (not all of these cases) reached the criteria of hazards, but largely hampered economic activity

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Beauty goes ahead

The principle of meeting people on appearance dates back to the early days of prehistoric people. They, too, in his own way tried to look attractive. In our time in this endeavor not only to women, girls and men. Barrier is not even age. After all, we are not perfect, everyone has their flaws. And we're all trying not to fix them, cover up. For example, spending a cool bride scenario, we have to be at the center of attention, and therefore, it is necessary to look good.

Young people are often concerned about the problem of acne, acne that

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Forest management practices in Russia behind Europe for 20 years

Forest management practices in Russia behind Europe for 20 years, this gap will only be able to Russia in 2030, the report of the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO).

As the authors of the report, Forestry Minister was in decline until the 2010s. Backlog of modern forestry in Russia from the west is about 20 years, to overcome which FAO experts suggest a gradual change in the methods of forest sector.

International experts recommend first Russian to national forest policy, the development of which is in the country since 2011. FFA plans to approve the document at the state level in

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Protecting the Earths biodiversity will require at least $ 150 billion a year

Implementation of the strategic plan for the conservation of biological diversity of the Earth by 2020 will require several hundred billion dollars a year, but the potential benefits are more significant to the report, prepared for the participants of the UN negotiations on biodiversity in India's Hyderabad.

The report, prepared by a special commission headed by the economist of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Pavan Sukhdev, according to its authors, is designed to give a preliminary assessment of the financial resources required to achieve the so-called "Aichi targets." This strategic plan for biodiversity for the period up to 2020 was

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Putins Siberian Cranes: Flight of Hope continues in Uzbekistan

Siberian Cranes, suddenly became famous after a joint mission with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had returned to his native nursery Oka Reserve, where to be sent to winter in Uzbekistan plane. The "Flight of Hope" Continues — cranes nursery can annually put on the wing to 20 chicks to save the rare and beautiful birds.

"The nursery can annually produce eggs of 35 to 20 birds. March Siberian Cranes begin to mate, and in May we will continue working with chicks, summer and fall, before the snow. Hatchlings are taught to run first for the white suit, then the

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Ecuador expects strong Tungurahua volcano

Due to rising activity in the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador government officially declared the "orange" Danger code for the four cities, which are the mountain height of 5029 meters is the closest. The warning will also be extended to the neighboring provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo.

Tungurahua started waking up in the middle of the week, when there was a confirmation of the increase in emissions of the gas. More recently there was the first on the volcano eruption. First out of the crater appeared a column of ash, and was followed by three separate shock. Ash column height

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Gazprom puts out the fire on the rig Yamal

From Moscow to Yamal sent a powerful laser system. It is necessary for remote cutting rig that collapsed from fire on gas well.

"Drilling off the heat," developed "and it is impossible to remove using tractors, — the operator on duty on a legally Pur districts Roman Ivanov. — Now wait for fire brigades laser that cuts the metal away. This installation should bring from Moscow in the first half of the day. "

The fire broke out on July 12 at the West Tarkosalinskoye field "Gazprom mining Noyabrsk." Now continuing torch burning at the well, which is 20

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The future is bezlopostnymi windmills

Regardless of the source of "green" energy, windmills have a lot of drawbacks. This increased noise activity and unsafe for birds and bats, a sufficiently high cost of installing turbines and bad vibes from their work.

To simultaneously correct all these deficiencies and improve the performance of turbines, a Tunisian company Saphon launched bezlopostnyh windmills, its mode of operation and form resembling sails. As they dropped the torque elements such mills are safe for birds and other flying animals. In addition, the devices completely eliminate any aerodynamic and mechanical losses that occur during normal operation of turbines. Parusopodobnaya workspace

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