On the Sun there were powerful flash

According to the site www.tesis.lebedev.ru, took place today at the Sun Power Flash class H.

In addition, there was a series of Flash:

Getting active area, MSC Max, MSC end, MSC Flash points C2.0 1295 00:31:00 00:36:00 00:40:00 Flash points C6.6 1295 08:20:00 08:28:00 08:41:00 C8.9 flare score 0 12:49:00 13:05:00 13:09:00 M1.1 flares

Anomalous Winter: flowering cherry in the U.S. and severe frosts in Europe

Winter 2012 brought many surprises people in both hemispheres. In Eastern Europe came abnormal cold. As reported by the Associated Press, because of severe frost has killed 89 people. In Romania, the temperature dropped to minus 32 degrees. In some places near the coast of the Black Sea was frozen.

Frosty weather and established in all regions of Italy. In Milan, the cold accompanied by strong gusts of wind and snow. In most cities, heavy rainfall caused the disruption of transport.

In Bosnia and Serbia, several villages were cut off due to the snowfall from the world.

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Kuzbass rocked by explosions

Cannonade of starting a new campaign for ammunition disposal at landfill Yurginsky in Kuzbass, alarming residents.

Governor Aman Tuleyev sent a telegram on the matter, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on January 31 in a press machine the Kemerovo region. In a message to federal officials in the region said the head of the explosions made by the military, are very concerned about the local population. In particular, people direct their appeal to the authorities Jurga and region. According to them, from powerful explosions in the houses of the townspeople ring glass cracks on the walls.

In response to

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Rains caused flooding in northern Thailand

Heavy rains last Sunday in the north and north-east of Thailand, caused flooding in several provinces of the country and interrupted rail service, the water level in the flooded areas have reached one meter, according to Thai media on Monday. In the province of Nong Khai on the border with Laos in some areas the water level on Monday, flooding fields and city streets, up to 80 centimeters. On Sunday evening, railway north-eastern provinces to Bangkok was temporarily halted and resumed early Monday morning, as the railway embankment and rails were under 15 cm of water, according to the third

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Summer hail stunned Chicago

Last night at the State of Illinois swept serious storm. Really got to Chicago — where hail the size of a golf ball.

Winter in the UK was the warmest for 350 years

In London at the weekend was unusually warm weather, which made the performance winter of 2011-2012 in the UK to be the warmest in the last 350 years.

But meteorologists say that the weather could be worse, and the easterly winds will bring snow storms and cold temperatures in the country.

Dan Williams from the Met Office, said that if the western winds blowing in from the Atlantic to continue, they will bring the warm air throughout the UK.

"However, if the wind changed direction to the east, there is a possibility of entering cold air from continental Europe,"

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Coming ice nightmare

These frosts finally come to Moscow. Winter temperature drops to -10 ° C. However, before this capital will suffer such "delights" Weather, as blizzards and freezing rain.

"In the next few days in Moscow will be drier and cooler. Winter weather gets, in spite of the fact that the temperature background is significantly above normal: it will be a three — five degrees above normal. A comb will determine weather the Asian anticyclone, which could stop the continuous Atlantic heat flux, a little to lower the temperature and allow for the arrival of winter "- told "Ytra" Weather specialist

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Danes do not want to build another nuclear power plant in the Netherlands

Popularity of nuclear power around the world plummeted. Another example of this — the Danish company Delta decision to postpone the construction of a second nuclear power plant in the Netherlands.

Delta, which had planned to build the station in conjunction with the German company RWE, said that the project is delayed for two or three years, as the tough market conditions do not allow today to invest in the construction of 5.7 billion euros. Among the factors that contributed to this decision — the eurozone crisis, low electricity prices, as well as the European trading scheme for emissions, which

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Rabid Badger wound near Kaliningrad

Near Kaliningrad wound rabid badger.

The diagnosis of "disease" was confirmed in badger Guriev district. According to Rospotrebnadzor, the hearth, the necessary measures (disinfection). In contact with sick animals were 2 people. Both get rabies vaccination course.

<TVNZ> Kaliningrad recalls that a week ago found a cat rabies in Kaliningrad. In contact with sick animals were kept 10 people. Among the wild animals the last confirmed case of rabies in foxes in the village. Zaytsevo Neman district.

Kronotsky Reserve needs to increase the area to protect the firs

Kronotsky reserve area in Kamchatka need to increase the protection of the unique fir groves and wild reindeer, said reserve.

"Kronotsky Reserve needs a change of borders. Specifically, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the unique natural phenomenon — the fir trees in the lower reaches new Semyachik … The only way to keep the fir grove in the state of nature — to attach a natural complex with the adjacent forest areas to the reserve," — said in the message.

As noted Reserve, Russia's only island graceful fir (Abies gracilis) area of only 22 hectares of the

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