The Earths climate depends on the bacteria

Bacteria affect the climate of our planet significantly "ahead" in the people. The exchange of signals between microbes — their original communication — has an important role in this process. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Oceanography Vudc Hall, USA.

Remnants of life, bubbling on the surface, slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean in the form of small particles — the detritus. This is an important process involved in the carbon cycle on Earth.

In the atmosphere, carbon is in the gaseous state, in the form of carbon dioxide. From there, he is

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Pollution charges should be levied on companies that produce waste

Payment for environmental pollution should be charged with the companies that produce waste, and not with those who are engaged in their storage and disposal, according to the authorized representative of the Russian government in the Constitutional Court (CC) Michael Barshchevsky.

On Tuesday, the COP began to hear the case of charging for pollution, checking the constitutionality of Article 16 of the law "On Environmental Protection" and the RF Government Decree establishing the rules for determining the payment for environmental pollution. The reason for the consideration of the case was a complaint Ltd. "Topol", which is engaged in the collection,

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Area of ice in the Arctic, shrinking record

Now ploschid Arctic ice is already about 4 million square kilometers. It is already 2 times less than in 1972, the year. Scientists warn that if this goes on, then after a hundred years, many island nations and coastal cities will be flooded.

Snowdrops bloom in Crimea

In Simferopol, the police stopped the illegal trade in snowdrops. As the press-service of Research Affairs of Ukraine in Crimea, the network has information that in one of the underground passages of the capital of the ARC began trading snowdrops.

Arrived at the police found that the price of 3 snowdrops hryvnia per bunch traded local woman, born in 1955. With him it had three bouquets and explained that the flowers grew in the yard of her home. For women the administrative report.

Note, in Ukraine, the sale primroses in the Red Book, collected not

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Splash of bee diseases in Udmurtia

20.07.11.Pchely in danger. In several areas of the country in the ranks of the striped Squadron marked surge diseases.

And it is not about a single disease. A number of them, and they are deadly to insects. In Udmurtia introduced bee quarantine.

Yuri Shirobokov bees has been doing for 10 years. First purchased a pair of hives — for children, then he himself was involved.

Apiary gradually expanded. With the problem of bee diseases sign, but has to cope on their own.

Yuri Shirobokov, beekeeper:

"Now there are different kinds of disease. We treat each fall from

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The loss of cattle in p.Borovskom

According to reliable, but at the moment is not officially verified information, in the village for several days Bohr continued deaths of cattle.

According to a variety of information loss from mortality compelling cost of 25 to 40 animals.

Sdohshih beef animal or animals killed in predsmertelnom state enters the market Severodonetsk and near-lying towns. Part of beef sent to meat processing Luhansk region. Meat that has not passed a veterinary Exposure controls, sold in natural markets.

The cause of death of the animals were midges (Simuliidae), multiplied at an incredible amount. Diseases and their bites are poisonous. With mass

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Freezing rain in China triggered a chain of accidents

At least a hundred vehicles collided on a highway in eastern China. One person was killed and several were taken to hospital with serious injuries. Eyewitnesses say that the cause of the accident was the consequence of freezing rain.

On slippery roads, the drivers did not have time to slow down, a chain reaction. At the accident scene lifeguard. Traffic on the site is blocked. Formed many kilometers of traffic jams.

Authorities recommend people as possible avoid traveling. Under the weight of the ice cover on the roadway of a falling tree. Do not

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The next week in Moscow are expected downpours with thunderstorms and heat

MOSCOW, June 10 — RIA Novosti. Weather in Moscow next week will be hot and rainy, with an air temperature of 22 to 29 degrees will come with rain showers, told RIA Novosti on Friday, weather specialist of the Center "Phobos."

"Weather continues to indulge us. Next week it will be hot, but unstable: Monday will inspire showers and thunderstorms will be humid and stuffy," — told the agency.

According to him, on Monday, showers are short-term and local, and will be held from Tuesday over the place, due to the passage of atmospheric fronts from Europe.

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The Australian state of Queensland on fire

In the north-eastern state of Australia recorded 73 separate source of fire. The strength of the ensuing fire so large that are threatened nearby communities. People living in the area near the lake and Holiforda Broadwater already evacuated away tons of fire. Are on the verge of evacuation and other western areas of Queensland.

The fire continues to burn, despite the decrease of temperature. Contribute to its spread, dry weather and the wind, the speed of which is in the range of 35-40 km / h Forecasts for dates for fire fighting disappointing, but firefighters continued their work by

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On the Black Sea coast takes heat

Tourists vacationing on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region, it is time to go home — Indian summer is living its last days. Fortunately, bask Beach lovers had: Azores anticyclone in the last 10 days is on the coast of dry weather and the temperature 27 — 29 degrees.

But on Saturday the region fit fronts Atlantic cyclone, although the heat is retained. But on Sunday, the weather will deteriorate significantly: there will be a strong northerly wind blowing and the coast will be intense thunderstorms. And the temperature will plummet by 5 degrees or more.

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