Weather in European Russia this winter will be variable

MOSCOW, November 29 — RIA Novosti. Weather conditions in the European part of Russia this winter, especially in January and February will be unstable and experience sharp fluctuations, told the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"We predict that the winter is not stable phenomena such as freezing rain, is possible. But in general weather conditions are near or below normal, but there may be frequent changes in temperature," — said Vilfand.

He explained that, in the Moscow region in January is altogether different changeable weather.

"Day to day variability in January, three times more than the day

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Coast of Norway served a record wave

Hurricane "Berit" raging on the Norwegian coast, destroyed roads and homes, left thousands of people without electricity and set a new record — the height of the waves in the north reached the mark of 4.28 meters, breaking the figures of the last century.

Hurricane on the Norwegian coast raging since Sunday. Rescue service of the country and the police warn of danger — in the sea claimed the mooring design, fragments of houses, boats and yachts — they can lead to the collapse of vessels, RIA Novosti reported.

In the north of the country, in the provinces of Troms

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The extreme fire danger is expected in Tuva from 1 to 5 October

The extreme fire danger is expected in the areas of Tuva, Monday to Friday due to the sunny weather, higher daytime temperatures and an increase in wind speed, according to Republican control of MOE.

"According FSBI" Tuvan Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, "from 1 to 5 October in some places in the Republic of Tuva expected extreme fire risk (5klass)," — said in a statement.

MOE asks local residents to limit visits to forests and bonfires.

Earlier extreme fire danger was expected from 25 to 30 in Tuva in the Bai-Taiga, Mongun-Taiga, Dzun-Khemchik, Ulug-Khem, Kyzyl and Erzinsky areas. Prediction

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Downpours, hail and wind storms are expected in the Chelyabinsk region

Storm warning announced in the Chelyabinsk region on August 14 — meteorologists predict heavy rains and winds up to 28 meters per second, according GUMCHS the region.

"According to the Hydrometeorological Chelyabinsk August 14 at night in some areas of the region are expected to very heavy rains, showers, possible hail, squally winds increased to 23-28 meters per second," — said the agency.

Rescuers warn about the high probability of accidents at vital facilities, increase the number of accidents, injuries to people and damage to slaboukreplennyh designs.

Incurable walking in Europe

Experts warn that there is the risk of spreading infectious diseases incurable in unimaginable scale, writes The Independent. The reason — the increasing number of "superbugs" that are not affected by any antibiotics, and loss of interest in developing new drugs, says journalist Jeremy Laurance.

From Europe have been increasing reports of patients virtually untreatable infections. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC), in some countries up to 50% of cases of blood poisoning caused by bacteria K.pneumoniae, can not cure the carbapenems — the most powerful antibiotics. Meanwhile K.pneumoniae — Klebsiella pneumoniae — not

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Mouse fever epidemic in Mari-El

Yoshkar-Ola, August 18 — RIA Novosti. Health officers to record increases in the incidence of Mari El "mouse fever", this summer has already registered 39 such cases (last year — only nine), told RIA Novosti the Rospotrebnadzor for Marina Mamkina republic.

Outbreak, according to epidemiologists, is associated with increased numbers of rodents fivefold increase in virus infection in bank voles by 14 times compared to last year.

"More than half of cases (21 people) in June-July, when visiting the forest contracted at rest, gathering mushrooms and berries, hunting, fishing," — said the agency interlocutor.

In this case "mouse fever" is

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In Feodosiya bay fish disappears

Anglers Feodosia note that in the Gulf of fewer fish. According to them, the main reason is water pollution.

— A couple of years ago was very fishy year: the current does not compare. I then flounder for 10 kg stretched, and in general the fridge was full of fish, — said one of the fishermen Herman Filippovich.

According to him, in the Gulf began to disappear Black Sea salmon and sea trout. Only at the end of spring there was a lot of surmullet, as it is not very demanding on the purity of water.

Among the reasons

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European guilt soybean infection is still not proven

Conclusion for reasons of acute intestinal infection in Europe will not be made in the near future, today warned the authorities of Germany. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (Germany), samples of soybean sprouts (supposedly became a source of infection), taken on a farm in northern Germany, is still being tested.

To date, 40 samples were tested, 23 of which have shown that they are not carriers of dangerous new strain of E. coli E.coli, reports Reuters.

The number of victims of a new dangerous strain of E.

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In Chita, cherry blossom

Unexpected ways in Chita in early August, cherry blossom. "No wonder," — said in the Transbaikal Botanical Garden

In the broken front garden near the house number 2 in the neighborhood battery for several years growing small trees cherry. While the branches of a tree covered with ripe berries, the second unexpected beginning to bloom.

Deputy Director of the Botanical Garden of the Scientific and educational issues Natalia Pershina explained by the fact that the prevailing weather conditions, and the summer months in Chita was warm and rainy, contributed to "secondary flowering" tree.


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Power supply restored in Kaliningrad, the area until no light

Energy restored storm interrupted power supply in Kaliningrad, but more than a thousand area residents in eight villages are still without electricity, told RIA Novosti press service chief regional GUMCHS Alexey Baranov.

As previously reported, on Saturday night wind in the region reached 25 meters per second. At 05.06 (MSK) occurred because of power outages gale — without light were almost 55 thousand people. In addition, two people were killed in the disaster. At the Kaliningrad — Mamonovo tree branch killed girl emerged from the car, and on a line Kaliningrad — Baltiysk tree fell on a moving car, whose

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