The greater the number of symbionts are willing to let a reef-building corals, the harder they adequately respond to changes in the environment

Scientists from the University of Hawaii failed to refute the concept, was for years a base in the ecology of coral reefs. They found that a wide variety of single-celled algae symbionts Symbiodinium not actually enhances the ability of corals to adapt to the effects of the environment, and weakens it.

Reef-building corals are formed by coral polyps and symbiotic unicellular algae. Polyps provide the algae protection and room to grow in the sunny shallows, and algae instead divided organic building materials and energy produced by photosynthesis.

As it became known portal, the study analyzed the 34 samples of

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Japan extends the ban on trade in beef

The Japanese government issued a ban on trade in radioactive beef from Fukushima prefecture, and also to the neighboring prefecture Miyadi. This is reported by Japanese media.

Since mid-March 2011, the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, the trade fell to 3 million heads of cattle, the Japanese government reported.

According to the Japanese government, the prefecture in the northeast of the peninsula Honshu were discovered, at least six heads of cattle infected with radiation. There is concern that since the disaster in March, the meat up to 3 million heads of cattle that ate radioactive rice

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On the Sun season began antivspyshek

An example of the overlap of the field of view of the sun celestial body — picture was taken by space telescopes AIA by satellite SDO (USA). Dark disk — the Moon.

Geostationary satellite GOES-15 (USA), who is currently the main source of data for the formation of the catalog of solar flares, entered a phase of eclipse. For about a month and a half sight mounted on a satellite solar instruments once a day will completely overlap the Earth for about an hour. The first "antivspyshka" on the curve of solar activity was registered on February

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The loss of cattle in Kostanai region

For a week the locals fell 6 cows. 10 more under threat. Now find out the cause of death of veterinarians. As it turned out, the day before the mass of animal disease, they were vaccinated against anthrax and blood sampling was performed. According to villagers, the reason was the wrong procedure.

In Anara Baitursynov this calf is sick for two weeks. On the neck of the animal appeared strong tumor that prevents breathing. Another cow was killed immediately. According to the hostess, the first symptoms appeared immediately after the visit by veterinarians. Animals were

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In Chile, the Red Menace — erupts Hudson

Hudson Volcano, Chile intensified last night caused the ads in Chile and Argentina, the highest — "red" level volcanic warning. Chilean authorities have evacuated 119 people from the vicinity of the volcano.

In the area of the volcano, there were several smaller aftershocks, followed by the eruption. Hudson Volcano released three high in the sky column of steam and ash, resulting in a height of about five kilometers cloud of volcanic dust. Width erupting craters ranging from 200 to 500 meters.

According to the local Geological Survey, in a few days or even hours can occur more violent eruption of

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Meningitis epidemic raging in Khabarovsk

Serous meningitis, only last week in Khabarovsk 152 sick child, RIA AmurMedia the press service of the administration of Khabarovsk. In Khabarovsk, and continues the seasonal spread of infectious diseases among children.

From 1 to 7 August Khabarovsk doctors made a diagnosis of 152 young patients, while the total number of cases in the last week — 287 people.

"Last year in the same period, there were 373 cases of enterovirus infection, of which only 62 patients confirmed meningitis. Unfortunately, this year the number of cases of serous-viral meningitis twice" — said the chief pediatrician City Health Galina Aristov.


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In India, at a tremendous rate of leprosy epidemic spreads

NEW DELHI, August 8. WHO officials have warned that the new leprosy spread with great speed across the country. According Infox, six years ago, it was officially announced that leprosy in India is over, but, as it turned out, the doctors were wrong. As the head of the WHO Indian Nata Menabde, now greatly exceeded the threshold of disease in 209 of the 640 districts in the country.

According to her, every year in India leprosy ill 120 thousand people. With 10% of new cases — children.

Add that WHO has also urged the Government of India to take

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Transcarpathian wells dry up

Such a dry autumn, this year, in Transcarpathia not recall even the old-timers. Dry weather holds in most of the area from the middle of July. Lack of rain in the mountainous villages was disrupted autumn mushroom picking. Harvest wild berries was also much smaller than usual. Now the water level in the rivers of the Carpathian down almost to historic lows, and the water table had gone to a critically low levels — from 2.5 to 4 meters. Because of this, in rural water wells began to disappear — a thing at the end of November in Transcarpathia unheard.

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Putin and Mironov discussed climate change

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the leader of the party "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov, discussed the challenges of climate change and pledged to contribute to the creation of the flight center for the study of the Arctic and Antarctic.

"I have already spent several years in the Socialist International Commission (the party" Fair Russia "is in the" SI ") for sustainable development. One of the themes of this Commission — climate change. As you know, in December this year in South Africa will be the World conference on climate change. I am absolutely convinced that Russia

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Fire burns thousands of acres of forest in southern Spain

Forest fire rages in the province of Malaga in southern Spain. Two people were hospitalized, one of the victims burned 50% of the body, doctors say his condition as serious. According to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local authorities, one person was killed. The body of an elderly man found near the burned-out house.

Source of fire was reported Thursday evening near the town of Coin, per night and the fire spread in the municipality of Marbella, Mijas and Alhaurin el Grande.

About five thousand people, including 300 tourists were evacuated, according to the Spanish authorities. Also blocked

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