In western Georgia, an earthquake of magnitude 4.3

On Saturday night, 5 kilometers from the resort in western Georgia Sairme earthquake with magnitude 4.3.

As reported in seysmotsentre Georgia, the earthquake houses and buildings were not damaged.

"Quake is avtoshokom earthquake on 19 January in the same area, the force of 5.7 points. Aftershocks will continue here for about two weeks," — "Interfax" message seysmotsentra Georgia.

The mass death of birds in Minnesota, USA

A large group of starlings found dead in the U.S. city of New Brighton, Minnesota, reported

In County Police said they had received reports of the incident from local residents living near Brighton Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Commission to investigate the causes of death reported 30 dead individuals of European starlings, and a hawk. All of them were found dead in one together.

Matt Kramer, a representative of the Department of Wildlife, said that at the present time, experts are trying to determine the cause of laboratory bird deaths, for which, according to him, may take about two

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Ulyanovsk region hurricane wind

Brunt of the disaster fell on Novomalyklinsky area. Rising yesterday night heavy wind posryval roofs in three locations: villages Santimir Middle and Old Tyugalbuga and urban settlement Novocheremshansk. As a result, in part, without the roof were 39 houses and social facilities. The greatest damage was done Tyugalbuga old village. There were damaged roof 35 residential houses, FAP, rural houses of culture and the administrative building. Affected by the bad weather there.

Currently, a special commission to organize recovery. On-site maintenance crews work.

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Strong magnetic storm on September 26-27, 2011.

In the last 24 hours there were the following magnetic storms

Magnetic storm level G1 (weak) from 15:00 to 18:00 GMT Magnetic storm level G4 (very strong) from 18:00 to 21:00 GMT Magnetic storm level G4 (very strong) from 21:00 to 24:00 GMT

The current solar activity

Radio flux (10.7 cm) = 148 The average planetary A-index = 27 The average planetary Kp-index = 4 (51 nT)


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Baku went hail

Today in the afternoon in Baku hail. As the Vesti.Az, gradinki value slightly less than pigeon eggs fell from the sky in the city center. Hail lasted for several minutes.

Note that on May 14 hail fell in Shamakhi region of Azerbaijan. Hail the size of a hen's egg, and lasted for about 10-15 minutes

In Ukraine, tuberculosis ill nearly a million people

Ukraine consistently holds a leading position in Europe in terms of the spread of tuberculosis. The total number of TB cases in the country could reach one million, the statement said Ukrainians social movement against tuberculosis, World Day hospice and palliative care, which is celebrated on October 8.

"According to official data, the total number of TB patients in Ukraine is 457 thousand people. According to experts, the number of Ukrainian with TB can now reach one million people. Annually from tuberculosis kills more than eight thousand Ukrainians, more than two thousand — from coinfection tuberkuloz-VIL/SNID. Of all deaths from

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Wyoming: A landslide is moving at a speed of 50 meters per hour


May 18. Top photo shows a landslide. However, as experts admit, it's not a landslide, but something new. Very, very slowly moving mass of land, according to

In the Snake River Canyon, Wyoming, this stream of mud moving down the hill toward the highway at a speed of 50 meters per hour, said Dave Loop of the American Geophysical Union.

In the video, you can watch the event in the accelerated motion.

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Ukraine: Hurricane in Luhansk region

June 3. On Sunday afternoon in Lugansk was rain with very strong winds. According to Interfax-Ukraine, suffered from the disaster one of the areas of the city — Kamennobrodsky, where most are private homes.

Dozens of buildings were left without roofs, wind gusts uprooted trees by the roots. Severed power lines, felled elektroopory. Witnesses say the elements that wind unfolds stationary vehicles.

On-site work specialists MOE, which saw through the trees that had fallen on the roofs of houses or electrical wires. The district is fully energized.

The local authorities are conducting a survey of residents and assess the damage.

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The worlds largest solar plant began its work today

The world's largest solar plant began its work today. Photo:

The other day was launched the world's largest solar plant. The project was implemented by Austrian companies GREENoneTEC and AEE Intec, who specialize in the development of technology, "green" energy. She also placed solar plant in Saudi Arabia. This tells today Middle East Online.

Over the past year, conducted testing equipment solar station, and from the middle of 2011 there were several successful test run setup. In addition to generating electricity, the plant will also produce hot water for the needs of the Metropolitan University in Riyadh (Riyad `s

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African swine threat exists in the Rivne region, Ukraine

In the Rivne region there is a risk that local African swine become infected with plague. This was reported in the Rivne Regional State Administration.

Specialists Antiepizootic Commission recognized this threat is real, because the Rivne region borders with Belarus, and in this country are imported meat products from Russia. Therefore, the risk of catching swine Ukrainian African swine — experts say.

Thus, veterinarians will be required to monitor the quality of imported meat, as well as to monitor all stages of production and meat products. It is also necessary to keep in touch with the owners of pig farms

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