In Uzbekistan, an earthquake of magnitude 4.8

As the center of the collection and processing of seismic data Geophysical Research Institute of Kazakhstan, the energy class of the earthquake, recorded at 23:58 Astana time, was 10.3.

The coordinates of the epicenter — 38.95 degrees north, 66.28 degrees east longitude.

The possible casualties or damage were reported.

Cryotherapy in cosmetic clinics in Moscow

Cryotherapy — a fundamentally new therapeutic approach based on the effects of low temperatures on the body for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. As the practice of cosmetologists and dermatologists, the most suitable material for this procedure is liquid nitrogen. It is widely used in various fields of medicine, as the method of application is simple, safe, and gives a significant effect. Momentary or cryomassage krioapplikatsiya clubs sverhholodnogo liquid nitrogen (its temperature is about 130 ° C) prepares skin tissue to subsequent recreational or therapeutic procedures. To avoid frostbite exposure time should be no more than three minutes. Face covered cotton-gauze

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Earthquake in Afghanistan, was felt in Tajikistan

Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred on Wednesday morning in the mountains of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, according to the Dushanbe seismic station.

The epicenter of the earthquake that occurred at 8:16 am local time (7:16 MSK), located 250 km south-east of Dushanbe. Tremors were felt in the capital of Tajikistan.

No casualties or damage have been reported yet.

On the night of July 20, in Central Asia, a powerful earthquake that killed 14 people, 13 of whom one in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It is also reported numerous destructions in the Ferghana Valley. Then the magnitude of the underground of

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Powerful flood took the Odessa region

Odessa region beneath the sea. Flooding has covered more than two hundred private homes and yards

As reported, due to the melting of snow in the Belgorod-Dniester region Alkaliya local river burst its banks. Hardest-hit villagers Podgorny Karnaliivka. To quickly reverse the effects of flooding in the area of the special commission.

Muscovites will be a very hot week

Weather in Moscow next week will be quite comfortable — sunny and no rain. Daytime temperatures will be 26-31 degrees. But on Wednesday, in the metropolitan area of possible local showers and thunderstorms, and the temperature drops by 2-3 degrees.

Will be sunny and hot in the north-west of the European part of Russia, said on air "Morning of Russia" a leading specialist of the PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkov. But on Tuesday from the north down atmospheric front, carrying the storm clouds and cooler air masses. By mid-week, showers and thunderstorms will be localized and of short duration,

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Astrakhan region 10 thousand people remained without electricity due to fog

About 10 thousand people Liman district Astrakhan region nights stay without electricity due to fog with a high content of salt, will damage insulators in substations, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative branch of JSC "IDGC of the South" — "Astrakhanenergo."

According to him, a sort of fog in the area was formed on Friday night. Without the light remained about 11 thousand people.

"As of Friday morning were disconnected three substations and five high-voltage transmission lines. Currently, there is no light in about 10,000 of the district," — said the source.

He explained that, according

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Another eight Red bison register in reserve KCR

Environmentalists at the weekend was released in Teberda reserve Karachay-Cherkessia eight bison brought from central Russia, told RIA Novosti the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

Until recently, the population of bison Teberdinskogo consisted of 13 animals that needed update of the gene pool, but the delivery of the Red animals in 40 years. New bison brought to the Caucasus in September-October and in the month perederzhivat in semi-captive conditions in the pens.

"The first attempt to release bison Teberdinsky Reserve did on Friday, but one female had no time to recover from the move, because it could not release

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Storm warning: 19 February morning in Belarus expected 25-30 degrees below zero

From the middle of next week, frosts in Belarus again intensify. A new wave of cold air to bring us anticyclone from the Kara Sea. In the north of the country is expected to -24 at night, sometimes in clarifying to -30. And until the end of February winter surrenders its position, according to correspondent of "Capital TV".

By the way, the absolute minimum temperature in February was registered in 1956 in Dokshitsy Vitebsk region, where on February 1 column temperature dropped nearly 42 degrees below zero. A maximum — 17 — was on February 21 in Brest, 10 years

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Death of fish in Canada

Mass mortality of coho salmon, chum salmon, trout spotted along the coast of Cougar Creek in Canada, according to citing

Dead fish found resting and reported to the Ministry of Environment. Reasons the fish washed ashore and die unknown. Something made her literally end up being suicidal.

People have tried to gather and throw the fish back into the water, but it will still come back to the shore and died. Ministry of the Environment does not make any comment about the incident.

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Georgians are experiencing an invasion of American white butterfly

The village Kirtsheli Zugdidi district of Georgia began the invasion of American white butterfly — the winged pests get into the water, food, clothes, media reported Monday.

According to the "Caucasus Press" butterfly destroyed orchards, walnut and corn fields. Pest multiplied in these places in August. But unlike last year, this is no action against him was conducted. Local authorities, the villagers appealed to for help, said that people should be on their own to deal with pests.

As stated by the authorized village Baadur Lashkhi this year identified only one machine for spraying pesticides and processing fields, but

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