Floods in India

Flooding caused the monsoon rains, which do not stop in the country for a month. Most suffered from rampant elements eastern Indian state of Orissa.

Was destroyed nearly 25,000 houses, the water fills the entire villages. Considerable damage was caused farmland. Hardest hit state of Orissa.

Residents who are in the disaster area, are evacuated to safe places. In affected regions sent helicopters with humanitarian aid.

But meteorologists console: soon in India rains cease.

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Solar flares cause magnetic storms and auroras

Space observatories recorded another great "torch" from a group of sunspots 1283. Event X1 ,8-class was 2:38 GMT on September 7. In the ultraviolet spectrum radar recorded ejected into space inky dark plasma column. This is the third major outbreak of the area in 1283 to 6 September. All three eruptions have been directed towards the Earth. However, none of the threads will not hit directly. Indirect effects will begin on September 9 and will run until September 11, which may cause a slight magnetic storms and auroral series. By the way, in the circumpolar regions of Siberia and the

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Southern plains received another batch of snow

Most of the U.S. states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas again forced to fight the long blizzards and heavy snowfall. In these states, announced a warning about the danger, and the transport is going through another collapse after the Southern Plains on one day received more than 30 cm of snow.

Snow storm has caused the death of two people, one of them was killed in a car accident, another was incompatible with life trauma, when the severity of the snow on a roof of a house collapsed. Many roads in Texas closed to travel, road services

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In New — York for Thanksgiving and Christmas trees bloom

In New York, there is a natural phenomenon — the city which is decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas, suddenly blossomed trees, RIA Novosti reported. Cherry blossoms on the trees, which in some places still hold the old leaves, suddenly appeared brush white flowers. The plant, which is considered a symbol of Japan's resilience and beauty, usually bloom in early spring and keep your white dress no more than 10 days. In Japan at the time satisfied the mass festivals admiring cherry blossoms, Americans also come in the early spring to Washington to please the eye to some Sackur alley

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The landslide left without internet western Georgia

TBILISI, May 17 — News-Georgia, Eka Javakheti. Landslide that came down on Tuesday in the railway Kutaisi-Zestafoni caused damage of fiber-optic cable, which was cut short due to an internet connection in the western part of Georgia, including in Adjara — told Trend. "News-Georgia" in the company Silknet.

At the injury site under reconstruction, the second half of the day began phasing-in subscribers. Silknet notes that the campaign also uses "alternative means" to ensure the sustainability of the service.

In other regions of Georgia interruptions with an internet connection has not caused a landslide.

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Bratislava Airport is closed due to heavy snowfall

Airport Bratislava's Milan Stefanik on Saturday closed due to heavy snowfall, the Slovak news agency SITA reported citing airport spokeswoman Dana Madunitsku.

According to her, the aircraft heading to Bratislava, will be temporarily landing in Budapest, where the weather is much better.

"Due to the heavy snowfall in the capital of the Slovak Republic in Budapest has been moved flights from London, Milan and Antalya," — said Madunitska.

Airlines deliver departing passengers by bus to the capital of Hungary, and flew — back to Bratislava.

In Croatia, the frozen waterfalls in the National Park (video)

Frost turned into a real fairy tale national park in Croatia. He forged solid ice Plitvice lakes and waterfalls.

According podrobnosti.ua, a network of reservoirs now looks like a giant ice rink. Freeze even the most powerful waterfall of 78 meters.

The failures of the soil. Sinkholes

Arctic countries should adopt common laws of its development — expert

Countries bordering the Arctic and the claim to its development in the future, should take the international laws that will govern any development in this area, the executive director of the global resource database of the UN Environment Programme, Peter Prokoshev.

"With any development should be assessed environmental impacts. Countries must work together to adopt international laws that regulate these things. These laws should be applied to the development of new fields in the Arctic. There are many pristine areas, and they need to save," — said in Prokoshev Saturday at the World Forum of snow, which takes place in

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In the village of Primorsky Krai Borisovka apple blossom

In the village Borisovka come spring. It suddenly mistress of a house blossomed apple tree.

Olga Luchinkin addressed to our office with a request to explain why the tree confused the autumn to the spring?

Olga Luchinkin ready to inhale the scent all day. What other neighbors in early September boasts that in his garden in bloom tree?

Before 5-year old apple tree any special merit was not allocated — bloomed on time and gave a small crop rennet: "She blossomed as expected and the apples were. And in June, she began to drop leaves. Apples alone remained. Now

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