Swallows flew to the Philippines …

Residents puzzled by the sudden influx of Davao swallows the town of Santo Tomas, located in the province of North Davao in Mindanao, Philippines. What is surprising is that within this region is not caves, which are the natural habitat of swallows.

At the request of a local radio station Radyo Bombo Davao, it was noticed a lot of birds sitting on the power lines.

Local residents said the first appearance of swallows in August 2010. Since then, the number of birds has increased a thousand times, and now they are considered a local landmark.

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The earthquake occurred 50 km from Almaty

ASTANA, August 8 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan.In the border areas of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on Monday night there was an earthquake of magnitude 3.3, the website information center for special seismic data Geophysical Research Institute of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan.

"According to the operative data center, August 8 at 02.52 pm Astana time in the border area of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, 50 km south-west of Almaty was an earthquake," — said in a statement.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.


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Rosatom plans to hold hearings on the disposal of radioactive waste in the Leningrad region

Radioactive waste. Photo: http://tsn.ua

Rosatom plans in May and June 2012 to conduct public hearings on the creation of disposal of radioactive waste medium and low activity (CDEP) in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region, and the input of the first stage of the object is scheduled for 2018.

"We slowed down the work at the request of the Leningrad region — has been asked not to hold a hearing last year. Public hearings are scheduled for May and June of this year. As soon as we pass them in the Pine Forest, we will begin the design works," — said the

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In May, the polarity of the Sun will kvadropolyarnoy

21.04.12. According to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, as well as other institutions, the polarity of the solar magnetic field changes, and in May it will be kvadroprolyarnoy, which means that the benefits of the field will be in the North and South Poles and negative — on the equator.

When three hundred years ago, a similar phenomenon, the average temperature of the Earth has declined.

Headed by Professor Saku Ttsuneta Observatory research team analyzed data on magnetic fields, using observation satellite Hinode, and confirmed that the polarity of the magnetic field of the North Pole in July last

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Abnormally warm weather in Sevastopol

Abnormally warm weather in Sevastopol, the air is warmed to 19 degrees Celsius. Thaw followed by clear weather and lack of wind.

Crimean forecasters earlier this week reported that the peninsula is a warm atmospheric front. The city really began Monday warming, but it was accompanied by rain, which ended only on Wednesday.

The warmest place in town — it's South Bay, where he installed a complete calm. Ship on the side of Sevastopol in the yards of lilac buds and blooming snowdrops. In the center of the flower-beds appeared decorative flowers. Local residents go to jackets and shirts.


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Cloud from the fire at the plant in Indiana led to the evacuation of residents

Chemical cloud formed in the north of the U.S. state of Indiana because of a fire in the factory caused the evacuation of hundreds of local residents, reports the Associated Press.

Evacuees housed in the building of a local school, which uses a red cross as a temporary shelter.

Information on the victims of the fire were reported.

In Arkhangelsk, went first snow

The capital of Pomerania-night hit the first snowfall, though not all meteorologists to expect. For example, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological first light precipitation in Arkhangelsk — about 2 mm — were to fall only on the following Monday, October 17.

According to the Northern interregional UFS for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, today in Arkhangelsk Cloudy weather. In most areas, a small, locally moderate rain in the northern half of the wet snow. Wind South, South-West of 7-12 m / s, sometimes gusts up to 15 m / s. The temperature at night? 1 — 4 degrees, day 2 —

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A day in Moscow metro rails fell three people

Evening in Moscow she fell under a train in a subway station "Sparrow Hills", reports "Interfax". To retrieve the victim was shot voltage third rail and halted traffic on this section of the line.

The health status of women and the reasons for the fall are specified, the agency in the press service of the MOI of Russia in Moscow.

A similar incident occurred during the day at the station "Red Gate" of the same Sokolniki metro line. Before the arrival of the train on the tracks down a man, he managed to get out from under the wheels. The

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In Moscow a man struck by lightning


Odintsov, July 28. Passer, Odintsovo injured by lightning. , Said a police source, "Interfax".

The incident occurred when a man in a thunderstorm walking down the street in the house 42, Mozhaiskoe highway.

Victim with a diagnosis of "shock, severe electric shock and extensive burns of the body" is hospitalized.

Note that in the last hour of the Moscow region has deteriorated weather — storms strong winds, pouring rain and thunder lightning. Forecasters warned that the weather will continue into the night.

Two players killed by lightning during a match

Tragedy turned football match in Cameroon. Two football players were killed during a meeting of a lightning strike.

The incident occurred on September 12 in the city of Douala. Soccer Academy club "Nuss" met with one of the local teams. Shortly before the end of the meeting began a violent thunderstorm. In the field of the stadium has been hit several lightning, reported online edition of Goal.com.

Two football players, "Nuss" died. That match was the last for the 17-year-old defender Buba Ahmad and 20-year-old midfielder Erman Kepchu. As told club president Jean-Rene Nubissi when players were brought to the

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