In the Murmansk region avalanche. One person died

January 29 to 12 hours 07 minutes on the remote standby search and Murmansk — Rescue Team — a branch of the North — Western Regional Search — Rescue Team Russian Emergencies Ministry in Kirovsk was reported by a witness that in the gorge Ramsay avalanche. The avalanche was one man who was resting on a snowmobile.

As REGNUM EMERCOM in the Murmansk region, went to the scene to rescue the group of six people. As a result of prospecting was found dead, a resident of the city of Petrozavodsk, was born in 1970. EMERCOM Russia's Murmansk region recalls that

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Volcano Kizimen declared itself

Increased dramatically in Kamchatka volcano Kizimen. Today he is assigned "code orange" danger to aviation. As reported by the regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Geophysical Service, the crankcase spewed ash to a height of nine kilometers, the plume extends to the south-east over the Pacific Ocean.

Message about the threat transferred service, to safety. As experts explain, abrasive particles can get into aircraft engines and cause a disaster. There is no danger to residents. The volcano has intensified in April 2009, before that he slept 80 years, recalls NTV.

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Storm warning announced because of a snowstorm in the Tomsk region

Blizzards and wind up to 17-22 meters per second are expected in the Tomsk region on February 26-28, in connection with the Tomsk hydrometeorological declared a storm warning, said Monday the Office on its website.

"From 26 to 28 February, expected snow, blizzards, wind gusts up to 17-22 meters per second, the snow drifts on the roads," — said in a statement.

In turn, the regional Emergencies Ministry, due to unfavorable weather forecasters warned of the potential for accidents: damage transmission and power lines, damage to the fuel and energy sector and public utilities, transportation disruptions, the increasing number of

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Items heating and hot meals for the homeless will open in Kyzyl

Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool in connection with the visitor to the region sorokogradusnuyu frost instructed Hall Kyzyl open items if necessary heating and hot meals for the homeless, said on Monday the Republican government.

On Monday morning, the air temperature in Tuva down to 41 — 44 degrees below zero. In this regard, the Kara-ool instructed the Ministry of Health and Social Development, and the Mayor of the city of Kyzyl to strengthen measures to protect the population from hypothermia and frostbite.

"If necessary, the municipality must organize outlets of warm clothing and hot meals for the homeless,

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Frozen under the rainbow

Christmas party will be met at forty degrees Siberian frost.

According to SI "Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring", until January 7, inclusive, in the Tomsk region remain abnormally cold weather with temperatures — minus 35-39 degrees, sometimes very cold as minus 40 — 45 degrees.

In connection with the receipt of the forecast EMERCOM Russia's Tomsk region warns of a possible emergency. All these basic services recommended a set of measures to prevent their occurrence. The public are advised to observe personal safety measures.

In the Novosibirsk region also extended storm warning until 7 January. As reported in

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In the Red Sea swimming banned

Authorities believe that in this way you can protect people from shark attacks. The governor of the province of South Sinai in Egypt, Mohammed Shosha has signed a decree to ban swimming and diving in the Red Sea coast in the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

This has already been made aware of the National Chamber of diving and marine activities.

The head of the province did not explain the specific reasons for the decision, merely pointing out that it is done for the safety of tourists and their protection against shark attacks.

South Sinai authorities banned deep-sea diving and

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The zoo bear killed a man to death

At the zoo in Stavropol bear killed a man to death. The incident occurred in the zoo, which is located in Victory Park on Tuesday morning.

"Around 10:00 Moscow time on TuesdayPark staff was cleaning the cage, in which there was a bear, and forgot to close the lockthat part of the cell into which surpassed bear the harvest "-" Interfax "Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Stavropol Boris Violin.

According to him, bear attacked from behind by an employee of the park and it killed a death. Deceased man was 55 years old. Now experts tested how

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Large gap formed on the road in Central China

The failure of the length of 70 meters and a depth of about 3 meters was formed in the middle of highway in Fuling Chongqing City on January 1, at 11:30 am local time. Luckily no one has ever suffered. According to the publication, "Chongqing Evening", according to witnesses, it all happened in about 20 seconds, crash are such that they thought of an earthquake.

The day before the incident on this stretch of road has cracks. Local residents reported this to management to monitor compliance with safety regulations, after which management specialists in the area have limited travel trucks.

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Germany is relying on renewable energy sources

Within ten years, the share of renewables in the total energy consumed by the inhabitants of Germany should be doubled — to 18 percent, and in 2050 — already 60 percent.

Experts are convinced the world demand for energy in the coming decades will increase. Rapidly growing economies of China and India require more and more resources. But in Germany, recovering from the financial crisis, energy consumption has increased over the last year by 4 percent.

Meanwhile, oil prices remain high and increase extraction becomes more difficult. This is not only costly, but also at great risk to the environment,

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In the southern Urals have the greatest natural sources of radiation exposure

Chelyabinsk, December 23 (New Region, Xenia Ufimtseva) — In the Chelyabinsk region radiation level does not exceed nationwide. This was curled in the Department of Radiation and Environmental Safety, Chelyabinsk region.

As the correspondent of "New Region", today held a meeting of the Specialized Scientific and Technical Council on Radiation Protection of the Southern Urals. According to studies, the radiation situation in the region remained stable.

Contribute to the collective effective dose from occupational exposure of the population was 0.3%, from the fallout of radionuclides together with precipitation and radiation accidents from previous years — 0.14%, from medical research —

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