Special fire mode is entered in the Arkhangelsk region

Special fire safety in forests throughout the Arkhangelsk region introduced on Friday due to increased fire danger, a decree signed by the governor of the region, Igor Orlov, the press service of the regional government.

"During the regime of additional requirements of fire safety, and there are some restrictions. Specifically, prohibited plant fires in the woods, except for specially equipped platforms, keep burning matches, cigarette butts, glass bottles and jars, to burn garbage, burn the grass in areas adjacent to forests, farm buildings and structures, "- said in a statement.

In accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Natural

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Choosing CCTV

When you select a camera buyer primarily guided by its functionality. Therefore, before going to the store it is desirable to review the entire range of products and their features.

If it is necessary to install video surveillance camera on the street, there is a very large selection of the security system. Among them, the most common and popular are considered mini-cameras, outdoor DVR, wireless and outside the chamber.

A reliable security, providing a quiet life for people in private homes or work in offices and factories, is impossible without modern video surveillance systems. Industry in recent years has been

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Village townhouses Bremen

Residents of large cities are lacking in peace and clean air.

That is why today so relevant and popular with the sale of land or a country cottage with a contract for the construction of their own home. People who live in the modern cottage villages in the suburbs no longer feel cut off from civilization by sound infrastructure and all necessary communications.

If you decide to buy a cottage in Moscow and Moscow region, it makes sense to carefully prepare for this step, after analyzing the real estate market and its features. Also need to determine the

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More than four thousand hectares of forest burning in Siberia

The area of forest fires in Siberia for the past day is 4.37 thousand hectares, the forest burns in the eastern regions of the district, said on Monday Siberian Center of MOE.

"Are 46 forest fires on the total area 4.372 hectares. 18 is localized fires in the area 1.465 hectares. Centers are nine major fires on the area of 3.320 thousand hectares," — said in a release.

The most complicated situation in Buryatia. Here, according to the national forestry agency, over the past day liquidated eight forest fires, their area — 884.74 hectares.

"At present, the control has eight

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Earthquake in Bulgaria suffered about 40 people

In Bulgaria, on the night of May 22 was a strong earthquake. Crisis Staff was formed, which declared distress in Pernik region. In the most serious damage was Pernik cooling tower of the local CHP, which has fallen by one-third. The station is currently down, and the residents of the city were left without hot water.

Local media reported that get cracked wall Studena reservoir could collapse, and then the water will rush into the city. However, the Mayor of Pernik denied this information and said that she personally checked the fortification of the reservoir, which correspond to safety standards.

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Italy shocked the strongest in the last three years, an earthquake

Strong over the past three years an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Sunday in Italy, tremors were felt in the northern region of the country Emilia-Romagna. The disaster dozens of homes and buildings were completely destroyed and six people were killed, over 50 injured and more than three thousand people have been evacuated from their homes for safety.

As the Italian seismologists on average in Italy recorded over two thousand earthquakes a year, but their magnitude is usually less than 3.0. Last strong earthquake of magnitude 5.8 struck the Apennines on the night of April 6, 2009. Then it

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Safe resort

You want to spend your summer vacation so that memories of it were for the whole year. But sometimes those memories are all even unpleasant. That's because the resort was not chosen correctly. And how to choose the right?

Many people are choosing resorts, understand that it must be safe. Only the main criteria of safety for them is that there is no war. Therefore, buying hot deals, people often only specify the political situation in the country. This is plainly not true! Of course, it is very important that the sky above the resort was not only blue, but

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Water intake, providing two-thirds water Kursk, threatens pollution

"Kiev" and "Zorinskie" intakes, providing drinking water to two-thirds of the Kursk, are threatened by pollution from unauthorized sand mining individual entrepreneurs in the immediate vicinity thereof, said at a meeting of the regional coordinating council on security head of the regional administration NFM Vasily Zubkov .

According to MOE, unauthorized extraction of sand is in the second buffer zone intake that is less than 589 meters away. As a result, the layer that protects the artesian water from rainwater and pollutants is reduced, thus posing a serious threat to the environment and health of the Kursk.

"This has been

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Special fire mode is entered in all the Samara region

The authorities of the Samara region on Tuesday introduced in the region of particular fire regime during the action which establishes additional requirements for fire safety, the press service of regional government.

"The special fire mode will run until August 31 this year. Forests are traditionally prohibited plant fires, throw burning matches, cigarette butts, leave greasy or soaked with gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable substances materials," — said in a statement.

Special fire mode provides community involvement to locate fires outside the boundaries of settlements, such as creating fire mineralized bands.

Upon the occurrence of the fourth and fifth (maximum)

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Special fire mode is entered in Astrakhan to late summer

Special fire mode is entered in Astrakhan from Tuesday until the end of the summer due to forest fires, told RIA Novosti press service of the regional GUMCHS.

"The regime involves tightening of norms and rules of fire safety, in particular, the prohibition of kindling fires on the ground and mow the grass, the obligation of municipalities to organize opashku territory as well as increasing the size of administrative fines for violations in this area twice," — said .

He clarified that the penalty for the citizens in this period will be up to four thousand, on officials — up

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