In China, the leakage of toxic substances

China struggling to leakage of toxic substances — it fell into the river. Threatened by pollution nearly 4 million residents of Liuzhou.

Chemical release occurred at a local mining company. River of harmful substances were in urban water supply. Authorities urged to stop using water.

Cadmium levels was twice as high as normal. This message caused panic — the locals began to massively buy bottled water, and authorities fear toxic substances into rivers neighboring provinces.

National TV Belarus

In China, powered mechanism to respond to emergencies in the pollution of the river

28.01.12.Vlasti Guangxi

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Heightened threat level announced in Beijing because of poisonous mist

Toxic smog Tuesday once again "covered" the capital and eastern regions of China, officials announced heightened "yellow" level of threat and recommend people not to leave their homes, because of the low visibility canceled dozens of flights and shut highways.

Since the beginning of January 2013 the signs near environmental disaster in Beijing record fourth time. The highest air pollution was observed on January 13, when the index of PM 2.5 exceeded 900 units. Since early January, according to doctors, significantly increased the number of patients with respiratory diseases, children's hospitals in Beijing are full. According to the forecasts of

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In Donduseni, Moldova plague poultry

In Donduseni was awarded a massive sea birds. Residents of the city are concerned about this event. Head of the Veterinary Public Health and safety of animal products, Yuri Wenger commented on the situation in the region, if not alarming, although signals of deaths of birds came to him, not only from the city but also from villages moshav and Corbin.

According to George Wenger, citizens, faced with plague poultry should apply to free-practicing veterinarian, who will need help. The area has 12 such doctors, including one in the city, and control over their activities, the district

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Kiev fights with sleet

The end and the beginning of the year were marked by heavy snowfall in Russia. Ukraine also has not been without the vagaries of nature. So, last week in Kiev in sub-zero temperatures was a real downpour, and the great city of almost a thousand square miles turned into a mass of ice skating. Despite the efforts of public services, aimed primarily at ensuring the smooth operation of public transport workers are not coped with the task to ensure the safety of life of Kiev. According to Inform Agency "Free Press" Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov extremely

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In Moscow restaurant exploded cooking gas: two women died

The explosion at a restaurant in the south-west of Moscow, killing two women — the establishment's personnel. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Emergencies of the capital. The number of victims, the official Ministry of Interior, is now 26. The search for people who might be inside, continue.

The incident occurred at the restaurant "Il Pittore" Street Novocheremushkinskaya. The two-story building partially collapsed after an explosion, and then caught fire. The area of the fire was 300 square meters. According to some data, the fire is now eliminated. As explained by the representative of the Ministry

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