Greeces oldest breed of dog dying alopekis

Complete extinction threatens Greek breed alopekis known since ancient Greece, the Athens News Agency reported.

According to the presented at the conference Zootechnia-2013 in Thessaloniki data, breed standards now meet only 58 dogs, which, according to scientists, are part of the cultural heritage.

Alopekis ("little fox") appeared in Greece even before the Mycenaean civilization. In ancient Greek art remained very many pictures of this animal — illustration on vases, statuettes, figurines and coins. Like a little fox dog, whose height at the withers of 20-30 centimeters, used as a guard sheep, hunting, home security, as well as a companion dog.

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Landslide in Georgia

Mud flows have gone to the road leading to the village of Orta Batumi Khelvachauri rayona.Okolo 10 families have been cut off from the outside world who damaged area under reconstruction raboty.Poka locals enjoy detour putyami.Prichinoy crash debris began pouring rain, which did not stop in the region several dney.Mestnoe population was not affected, disrupted road transport dvizhenie.Etoy are 20-26 families who have the time to get to the village in other ways.

In incubators EAO laid eggs out of it will be 2 million sturgeon fry

Hatchery in the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) completed bookmark in incubators roe of sturgeon from which to receive 2 million fry, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the company.

Amur sturgeon and Kaluga in the Red Book of Russia as a threatened species. Sturgeon fishing on the Amur River is officially forbidden. Yet it is constantly violated by both Russian and Chinese poachers in world markets is the illegal trade in caviar. The scale of poaching sturgeon severely damaged the population size in the Amur sturgeon.

"Fertilized eggs laid in Amur sturgeon hatchery incubators in the village of

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Worrying series of earthquakes at the San Andreas Fault

In the suburbs affected by the growing number of ticks

The number of victims increased sucking ticks in Moscow since 2011 by 1.7 times compared to the same period last year to 14.29 thousand cases, the website of Rospotrebnadzor the Moscow region.

"Health facilities of the Moscow region recorded 14.29 thousand cases sucking ticks, including those of children — 3.364 thousand, which is 1.7 times more than the same period in 2010 (8.067 thousand, including children — 1.842 thousand), "- said in a statement.

As noted in the Federal Service, are among the most likely places mites attack in the Moscow region — dacha, where 42.3% of all injured bitten.

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The European Parliament criticized the new proposals the EC ekodvigatelyam

Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Environment Mathias Grote considers insufficiently ambitious project developed by the European Commission EU directive to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of cars and small trucks, the new release.

"I believe we can and must do more to reduce car emissions of CO2. Before the European Parliament and the Council is now the joint responsibility to amend the bill to make it more ambitious for the good of the environment and consumers," — said in a statement Grotto.

The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled proposals to reduce by 2020 the engines of new cars

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The extinction of the bees continues

The United Nations has expressed great concern due to the strong decrease in the number of bees under the onslaught of numerous pests and pollution, and encouraged to make every effort to stop this process. According to the UNEP report this problem every year more and more manifest itself, especially in the northern hemisphere. The main reasons that affect the extinction of this pollution, parasites (especially Varroa mite), pesticides, bee decline and some others.

In this case, according to Kompyulenta, referring to materials AFP, it is necessary to understand that in a hundred crops that are the source of

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Oil company in Ugra illegally cut down forest to 180 million rubles

Environmental Prosecutor's Office Ugra filed a claim to recover with "AMG-mining" (included in "NC Krasnoleninskneftegas") of damage to forest fund in the amount of over 180 million rubles, according to Wednesday's press-service of the district prosecutor's office.

"It was established that from February 2011 to October 2012 LLC" AMG-mining ", involving contractors, in the absence of any permits for forest management carried out sand quarry, located on the West Kayumovskom Kondinsky license area in the district of Khanty-Mansiysk "- said in a statement.

It is emphasized that as a result of these actions on the forest lands Upper Kondinsky district

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An hour and a half on the sun-power flash

Scientists say that the sun continues to gain new activity in the 11-year cycle

Following a series of outbreaks that hit Earth powerful solar flux about two weeks ago, on February 24 Space Solar Observatory Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded another violent eruption hot solar plasma and the ensuing stream of charged particles, said

As reported by the NASA, three days before the device SDO recorded a new outbreak of the M-Class and a capacity of 3.6 points. A huge wave of hot gas plasma ejected from the surface of the sun for 90 minutes.

According to experts, the

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In Udmurtia recorded death of livestock

On the night of September 23 cows belonging to "Agro-Terra" Kiyasovskogo district broke corral and were on the aftermath of the (grass grown on the site is sloping in the year, grass) perennial grasses SEC "them. Suvorov ", the press-service of veterinary SD.

Aftermath of eating the animals developed acute rumen tympany (a disease of ruminants that results from eating copious legkobrodyaschih feed and abrupt change of diet, usually in the transition from confinement to grazing). As a result, 16 cows died of asphyxia.

Chief Veterinary UR notes that because of the irresponsibility of managers, professionals and employees of livestock

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