Trehlebov: Answers to readers questions, in June 2012

Trehlebov: Answers to readers' questions, in June 2012. In contrast to the previous answers, this movie is an interesting context. Smooth transition to the new reality. Cleaning the body in violation of the law Rita. Magical properties of cold steel. Cosmic rhythms — the examinations. How to find the color of the fern on baths. What to do if a favorite hermaphrodite? And many other interesting issues.


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Kill yourself to become a cyborg

July 21, 2012 17:53

American scientist is serious about to kill himself for further resuscitation. This is the first experiment.

Heyvors scientist Ken (Ken Hayworth) decided to hold a dangerous scientific experiment. He's going to kill himself, so that in time to try and revive the use of his brain cells in the body of the robot.

This is very similar to the scenario of a science fiction movie, but this is not fiction, but a reality.

For many years, American Ken Heyvors Harvard University is working on the possibility to conduct such an experiment. In it, he admitted on

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Gift black magician. The film — a tale

When Basil was still small, black magician brought her mother's sinister gift — the enchanted chest wedding dress. Wearing it, Vasilisa could make a wish, and it will certainly be fulfilled. One girl jealous smith Ivan and his eyes no longer see. Vasilisa had to be tested and meet strict mandate sorcerer to return sight to Ivan.


Year: 1978 Country: USSR Genre: Fairy Tale, children, family Duration: 00:59:57

Director: Boris Rytsarev

Starring: Elena Kondratieff, Boris Shcherbakov, Larissa Danilin Akhedzhakova Leah, Victor Sergachev, Alexey Chernov, Svetlana Orlova, Lev Round, Eugene Gurov

Parameters of the video

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The Belarusian authorities sell the abandoned village for $ 12

The starting price for such objects may start with one base unit, which is from April 1 to Belarus about $ 12.

Abandoned village in Belarus will sell for $ 12 / pc

The Belarusian government is ready to give investors, including individuals, abandoned villages and settlements for $ 12. The starting price for such objects may start with one base unit, which is from April 1 to Belarus about $ 12, said Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Czeslaw Shulga. "We work hard to make there are people who, even for slightly more than could

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Killing glance

July 21, 2012 18:02

The forty-year resident of Bratsk Tsaturova Irina says that as a child to tremble at the knees was afraid his grandmother Avdotya Ivanovna — imperious black-eyed Cossack woman who lived in a small village near Irkutsk Irsa.

Herself "staring"

A child's fear was a strange sight Avdotya Ivanovna — cold and hot, that pierced through and reading innermost thoughts. Grandma Irene in time for 20 years a widow, and in the village there were rumors that the reason for her husband's death was a "bad" view of the old Cossack. Neighbor Avdotya Ivanovna hid from the

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Profile case. Rejuvenation death

Profile case. Rejuvenation death. The film is about a young man by the newborn to prolong his life. Intentional earnings doctors newborn deaths Deagnoz downs trial of the theft of babies in the Kharkov hospital № 6. Currently, there are institutions, clinics that offer rejuvenation embryonic cells and in Russia and Ukraine. They continue to offer their services openly and kill for money defenseless unborn children.

This business is thriving!

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Why not recognize telepathy?

July 19, 2012 19:30

Famous American journalist Steven Wolf accidentally fell into the hands of actualities. It turned out that many of the documented scientific experiments on the phenomenon of telepathy is so convincing that one wonders why these data have not yet made public.

Some of the statements in this amazing phenomenon were published in 1951 in the work of the psychologist Donald Hebb. In his article, he also described why this information, despite its credibility, is still not widespread.

According to Hebb, humanity does not accept extra-sensory perception (ESP) as a fact of scientific basis, because of the

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Small arms of World

In two series the film tells the small arms of the USSR, Germany, the U.S. and the UK since the Second World War. In addition to a brief historical review, the authors offer the viewer a unique footage speed camera. Lapse will look in detail at one time or another weapon in action. Will be carried out comparative testing of different types of weapons. Experts comment on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular sample.

Scientists have warned of the imminent meeting of humans with aliens

July 18, 2012 7:36

British astrophysicist Dzhozelin Bell Burnell at a conference Euroscience Open Forum in Dublin, made a strong statement. Mankind can face with aliens in the next 100 years, according to some members of the European Science Open Forum (Euroscience Open Forum), which is being held in Dublin, writes The Daily Mail. In particular a strong statement made British astrophysicist Dzhozelin Bell Burnell. "I suspect that we can detect signs of the existence of life, and perhaps even intelligent life on other planets in the next century. But are we ready for such a meeting? Have you ever

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How to read auras?

July 19, 2012 8:01

This article — the answer to many questions about aupah, about what they are, about their meaning, and how to see them. We present here a new method of learning, which is so light that it will allow anyone to learn to observe aupy a very short time. My new training method based on the discovery, kotopoe I did a few years ago — all the colors have their aupu, p.pichem aupy sovepshenno color differs from the color of objects (eg, a blue cup will have a yellow aupu). Aupy colors — dense, and gopazdo easier

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