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Strange thing — City goes to heaven (01/06/2012)

About City of Kitezh, we know from fairy tales and legends. Scientists have recently made a sensational discovery — the mysterious city existed in reality, and today you can find traces of it.

Immortals will become billionaires from the list of Forbes magazine?

July 17, 2012 7:34

Dmitry Itskov.

Scientists are asking businesses to finance their development in the field of cybernetic immortality Recall that at the beginning of 2011 in Russia, a new strategic social movement "Russia 2045". It was headed by businessman, president of media holding New Media Stars Dmitry Itskov.

On the basis of the movement was to create a corporation "Immortality." It was composed of eminent specialists in the field of artificial organs, bionic systems and systems in place for the exchange of information between the brain and the electronic device. Most scientists — from the institutes

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Cosmic origin of black diamonds

June 30, 2012 15:54


Ordinary and diamonds are mined around the world in a special volcanic rock called kimberlite. As one of the possible states of an ordinary crystalline carbon (with a cubic crystal lattice), the diamonds formed at depths of 100 km, with very high pressures and temperatures. From there they go to the surface in the course of major volcanic eruptions, for a very short period of time. "With the rapid rise in diamond can retain their unique crystal structure that makes this mineral is the hardest of all known materials," — says Sonia

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Living Water — Three Warriors

Serbia has found a mass grave of mammoths

June 20, 2012 8:57

For the first time researchers have found a mass grave of a herd of mammoths, which is located in what is now Serbia. The strongest driving rain, which took place at the beginning of last week, revealed the remains of at least 6 mammoths in open pit mine near the village Kostolak, east of Belgrade. This area is close to another area, where a few years ago, archaeologists found the remains of two other mammoths.

Miomir Korak (Miomir Korac), director of the Archaeological Project Viminacium, said that this discovery was a real surprise to scientists. The

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Witcher. A conversation with my mother

Juvenile Justice. Replica Alexander Privalov

Send news of a very sensitive area: the state intervention in family life, that we have long since called "juvenile justice". Hastily developed a document entitled "National Plan of Action for Children." In the Duma a bill on social patronage, giving new powers by the guardianship. They become self-sufficient system, which will be free to put just any children into foster care parents are alive — at their discretion. Pledge that — a model vague terms.

Show me the most ideal parents, about whom you can not say that they are some kind of "their own actions

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Robots in some areas can already replace people

June 8, 2012 15:19

Outsourcing of human labor as a side effect of globalization has contributed to the formation of the current crisis of unemployment. However, the growing trend is the complete elimination of human workflow is the case even in countries with cheap labor, which now hosts a large portion of the U.S. production.

Because of poor working conditions, poor performance and involvement in the corporate environment, human beings gradually become redundant for the production process. Moreover, there are signs that even highly skilled labor will soon be replaced by the work of art, making people obsolete instruments of

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Moeraki boulders came to us from another planet?

May 30, 2012 8:23

This amazing natural phenomenon is observed in various parts of the Earth. But to explain the cause really no one can.

This is the so-called Moeraki boulders, also known as the "watermelon Elijah." Someone takes them for dinosaur eggs, some — for the fruit of ancient marine plants, and some even suggest the possibility that this — the remains of a UFO.

The phenomenon is really strange. Imagine a near-perfect form of stone or iron ball with a diameter of ten centimeters to three meters.

If you happen to meet someone is "egg"

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