Vedic and the Christian conception of God

Gomonov Y. Head of Russian Vedic community, yoga teacher, karmic healer, writer and poet, a lecture at one of his seminars. This lecture reveals the essence of the differences of religion and religious knowledge of faith, as well as what kind of results we get from these concepts.

Posted striking proof of the existence UFOs

May 28, 2012 9:57

Evidence of a military pilot and radar readings convinced the British minister in the existence of "flying saucers."


The incident with the UFO that occurred in the 1950s., Persuaded the British government in the existence of "flying saucers." This is confirmed by documents from the archives of the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, published by Cambridge University. In 1952, the British Royal Air Force fighter pilot, Roland Hughes, returning to base after a training session in the sky over West Germany, said the UFO, which flew in front of him with "an incredible

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Zadornov of the ROC, belief and religion


Medvedev — of fast combat


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People who can become invisible

May 26, 2012 10:57

In 1897, there was one of the most famous novels of English science fiction writer HG Wells — "The Invisible Man." Based on the novel filmed a lot of movies, including in Russia. Seemingly invisible — blatant fiction that is incompatible with reality. But is it?

It all started with a banal theft in a supermarket, which planned the fall of 1998 some teenagers in Minneapolis (USA). They wanted to test whether they can pull off something and hide. Failed, the supervisors were detained, call the police. And from that moment, a party failed robbery

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X Version. Other news

May 24, 2012 21:09

Information and analysis program on the current events of the last week related to the paranormal: UFO sightings, crop circles, poltergeists, etc. The experts are the most respected members of an "alternative" and "traditional" science, representatives of different philosophical and ideological platforms, religious and atheist groups.

Oleg Atamanov. Understand Russia — song


Search for water — dowsing


Search for well water with the aid of vines frame.

Magic Technology

May 25, 2012 6:34

The sensational discovery of the world of science has made a Russian scientist from Ulyanovsk. Professor of quantum and optical electronics of the Ulyanovsk State University Oleg Gadomskii patented a way to make things invisible. Opening as stated in the patent "Method of conversion of optical radiation."

Physics brought cloak to perfection

Know-how is based on the behavior of light and reflection of objects. Grätzel from Ulyanovsk preceded by many years of Experiments with gold nanoparticles.

"The invisible until you can do only a fixed object. At movement of the radiation frequency changes,

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Scientists have confirmed the presence of Sky City

May 25, 2012 6:08

Astronomers have long stepped away in their studies near and distant stars and galaxies. Hundreds of professionals and millions of fans every night sent to the starry sky their various telescopes. The main telescope is a planet — orbital space agency NASA telescope "Hubble" opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons far space. But, with the great discoveries, "Hubble" and at least presents the greatest mysteries.

In early 1995, a German astronomy magazine published a short message that immediately responded to a number of scientific, religious and popular publications of the planet. Each of the publishers of

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