USSR — Russia. Prices and quality of life. Or 30 years later

First of all need the facts, and only then they can misinterpret. (Mark Twain)

For comparison table, I took a good Soviet salary 1982 (150 rubles) and mediocre salary Moscow in 2012 (25 000). Dividing one by the other, got indexation coefficient 166.

That is, wages increased by 166 times. Look at Soviet prices also increased to 166 times, and compare them to the prices in Russia in 2012.

First column — name of the product. The second — the price of goods in the early 80's of the XX century. Third — the price to be a

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Found the location coordinates of the soul

May 24, 2012 8:38

Moscow recently hosted an international symposium on neuroimaging — a technique which allows to "see" the brain. Scientists have talked about the fact that this technique makes it possible not only to guess the thoughts and "reconstruct" dreams, but finally understand how learning takes place and memory. And also find out how people make decisions.

From the middle of the last century as psychology and neuroscience have made many breakthroughs in the study of the nervous system of living beings in general and humanity in particular. However, paradoxically, the gap between these two disciplines, formed in

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How to Get Rich


Trehlebov Vedagor 2011

In Vietnam, the girl lives pirokinetik

May 22, 2012 8:58

Completely unknown to the world 11-year-old girl from Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, hit the headlines Asian newspapers for what supposedly attributed to her ability to involuntary evocation of all that fire can burn.

According to a Vietnamese site, the girl who lives in the Tang Bina district of Ho Chi Minh's house burns down, the entire third floor was occupied by her family. Her father swears that the child does not have access to electrical appliances or other igniter subjects. The father of the fire was caused by uncontrolled sverhenergiey in the body

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Lukashenko told an anecdote about Lukashenko


At a press conference on December 23 Alexander Lukashenko head ONT Gregory Kissel said political anecdote about Lukashenka. Him about it he asked the Belarusian leader, answering the question of how it relates to the jokes in his address to the various comic shows on television.

Oligarchs. The film is banned on TV in Russia! 3 Series

"Oligarchs" — Israeli television three-part film (2004, total duration of 150 minutes), which tells about the fruits of the Great Jewish democratic revolution took place in Russia in the mid-90's, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. "Working on this film for almost 10 years, the authors write. — The crew consisted of the citizens of Israel and Canada who come to shoot in Russia more than five times. They shot 150 hours of footage, and took hundreds of exclusive interviews with influential politicians and, of course, with the oligarchs who got the lion's share of Russian treasures". Of course,

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Found evidence of blaster fire

May 14, 2012 20:06

Paleocontacts (meetings with extraterrestrial beings in ancient times). As evidence, consider such an event was found in the river valley near Irkutsk Kitoy small oval stone of dolerite — very strong crystalline varieties of basalt.

Unexplained feature of this is the presence of a boulder on it an even number of long narrow scorched holes! Burn this species is only possible in an electric arc of enormous power. And when you consider that this stone originated millions of years ago by the eruption of basaltic lava deep, you can not imagine who could

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Discloses a secret mystical levitation?

May 13, 2012 9:13

Does the knowledge of ancient civilizations such that are not known to modern science? Are the ancient Egyptians were amazing technology that allowed to erect majestic pyramids — technologies that for some reason have been forgotten?

The ruins of some ancient civilizations — from Stonehenge to the pyramids — can be seen that, for the erection of its monuments, the ancient peoples used the huge stones. The logical question is why? Why the big rocks, incredible size, at the time, as the same design could be built with the help of smaller items — bricks

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Romania ratified the deployment of U.S. missile defense


Agreement on the deployment of U.S. missile defense system on its territory on Tuesday ratified the Romanian Parliament. The decision was made on the eve of a meeting of NATO in Brussels.

Church believed in the existence of witches?

Patriarch is in a very difficult position and is close to panic.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

Because that's what you bastards — these bloggers: mud smeared our native ROC. That was my first reaction to the news that the priests were obliged to Palm Sunday from the pulpit to read a circular of April 3. Text of the circular cited just paranoid. Allegedly in the country intensified anti-clerical forces is ample funding split ROC. Allegedly cynically silly girls "Pussy Wright" purposefully have launched a planned campaign to damage icons axes and obscenities of painting the walls of temples. Ostensibly fighting

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