Possibilities of the human body

May 11, 2012 9:44

Waking person for 11 days, or delay their breath for 20 minutes seem to us supernatural records. But it's only the capacity of the human body. And what are those limits? What a body? Breathing, water, food, sleep — essential factors for sustaining human life. In nature there are organisms that can survive without these necessary things for a long time, but the man's life, according to science, is not possible without these four main factors. But there are a number of examples where people for some time without them. Just how long it can survive

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In the center of St. Petersburg pulled together a considerable force of militia

In the center of the city there is a significant accumulation of the forces of law enforcement agencies, according to Morning. ru

On Sadovaya Street and close to the Haymarket area are a few trucks and buses of riot police. They can also be seen in Moscow Avenue and Spectators. In addition, the column seen Interior Ministry. We remind that, according to law enforcement officials, in the center of the possible collision between Caucasians and indigenous populations.

In Guatemala, found an ancient astronomical calendar of the Maya

May 10, 2012 19:57

© Photo: William Saturno, David Stuart / National Geographic

American archaeologists discovered in the northern part of Guatemala's Mayan scribe house, the walls of which were painted by far the most ancient astronomical tables describing the solar and lunar year, and long-term cycles of the motion of Venus and Mars, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

"These murals to date are the earliest Mayan astronomical tables that were ever discovered by archaeologists.

This is not exactly a calendar as such, but the table specified intervals lunar months, and incorporate a series

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I.A.Globa — Question — Altar

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (Presenter: I.A.Globa) Issue: How to create a home birth Altar and how to interact with it?

The Nature of Things that have no scientific explanation

May 7, 2012 10:02

Despite all the advances in science, there still exists a lot of white spots. Magazine «New Scientist» published a list of mysterious phenomena, explain that scientists can not.

1. The placebo effect

Unbelievable, but true, seriously ill patients reduce pain with morphine, and then one day replace the morphine with saline solution. What's going on? Saline solution also relieves pain. This — the placebo effect: somehow the composition of anything can have a very powerful impact. Doctors know about the placebo effect long ago. But other than that, apparently, he has a biochemical nature, we

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Alaska found drives like Phaistos

Unique information relics, called "Phaistos Disk", became the most mysterious object that attracts the attention of many researchers. The very first discs were found in Alaska, and so far scientists could not fully decipher the inscriptions on them.This Alaska archaeologists conduct excavations in the places where formerly prehistoric pile dwellings. During these excavations have been discovered by scientists and several discs with petroglyph symbols. At first, the scientists took them for ordinary stones, but were found after several similar media.

RIA Novosti news service provided details of such an important cultural and archaeological event, which was the main

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UN and other governments to prepare for alien invasion

May 5, 2012 10:24

Inside the United Nations has a body that is prepared for possible contact with an alien race.

The UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (CPUOS) was established in 1959. Their aim is to promote the issues of international importance in outer space, as well as the proceedings with all the legal issues that may arise in space.

Professor John Zarnetsky from the Open University and Dr Martin Dominik of the University of St Andrews said that social unrest could be avoided if there will be an international body that will oversee the

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In Moscow there were billboards with the date of doom

These days, many Muscovites can observe a strange phenomenon — of billboards offering mobile services, praising motor oil or any special tires, highlighted deep-red posters with bright inscription: "The Lord is coming May 21, 2011. So says the Bible! "

Set on the boards website by logging on to which can be found with the teachings of some of Harold Camping — the preacher from California who says that through certain mathematical research he learned from the text of the Bible the exact date of doomsday.

About 18 hours, 21 May 2011 of the faithful (about

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Stone Mirror Kailash

May 3, 2012 12:05

Kailash — mountain about 6700 meters high, from which originate the four main rivers of Tibet, India and Nepal (the Indus, the Sutlej, Brahmaputra and Karnali). Mount Kailash — currently still considered unconquered. Holy Mount Kailash could be called Olympus Central Asia. According to Hindu tradition, the Kailasa inhabits one of the gods included, along with Brahma and Vishnu, the supreme triad ("Trimurti") — the terrible Shiva, his dance "Tandava" maintain order in the universe.

In addition to the abode of Shiva and Buddha, on top of Mount Kailash, is the entrance to the mysterious land

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