Egregors feed us

May 1, 2012 10:55

There is what is called "society", and it is the "dominant ideas" or view. These dominant ideas are like the prism through which people of different societies view the world. It's their point of view. It is very hard representative of a society to overcome the dominant idea, to move away from her, Plato argued that "ideas rule the world", and the dominant idea of controlling social environment, society is subject to the idea. It's like the fish that live in salt water, they can not live in fresh water, and vice versa: freshwater do not

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Kazakhstani opened formula fuel UFO for earthlings

April 25, 2012 8:49

Zhienbek Baybusynov inventor of Karatau (Kazakhstan) said that he was without any hadron collider discovered the secret of antimatter. According to him, antimatter is the ideal fuel for spacecraft. In the theory of antimatter can be an excellent source of energy. It is estimated, for example, when entering the interaction of one kilogram of antimatter and one kilogram of matter as the energy released in the explosion 42.96 megatons of TNT. Only now get the precious pounds so far, none is impossible. Antiparticles in our corner of the universe do not last long.

"Scientists around the

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Was the Mongol yoke?


Interception of power and attempts to lead the Slavic movement:

Interception of power and attempts to lead the Slavic movement:

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Eyes, as a deadly weapon

April 18, 2012 10:06

The unusual phenomenon of young Spanish researchers demonstrated Monica Tejada. Singing the gaze of her blue eyes, bent metal objects, the researchers inserted a steel wire in a sealed glass jar. But that did not stop Monica bend solid thread in silhouette dinosaur with open mouth, at the time such work units recorded temperature rise and fall in blood pressure in subjects girl. This combination puts doctors in a deadlock. Moreover, the device shows the action currents of the brain typical day sleeper.

Deadly eyes

We know that some wizards and witches can harm human

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They thought that nothing would be …

Love, freedom and drugs — hippy generation enjoy life here and now. However, this nonchalance vanished years later, when it turned out that many of them are infected with hepatitis C.

Reincarnation. Journey of the Soul

April 18, 2012 5:26

REN-TV. The cycle "Deceived science." 17/04/2012

Sacred knowledge secret books


Biologists have turned stem cells into hair and transplanted them click

April 17, 2012 15:40

Japanese biologists full grown hair follicles from stem cells and successfully transplanted to the back of a rodent, deprived of wool from birth, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

© Photo: Tokyo University of Science, Takashi Tsuji

Over the past two decades, biologists have learned to turn stem cells into bone tissue, muscle, skin and nervous system. These fabrics can be "parts" in case of damage to the body or cure for a number of degenerative diseases. For example, the culture of "stem" of the neurons can be a panacea

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Gift of Christmas carol. September 22, 2012 — The end of darkness. Home Age Wolf

Slavo-Aryan calendar Carols Dar. September 22, 2012 — the end of darkness and night Svarog end of the Age of Fox (length 1600 years) and the beginning of the Age of the Wolf. End of the world for shady characters and the beginning of the world to others.

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