In the trap of the past and the future …

April 17, 2012 15:17


Now our linear process of completing the first decade of the twenty first century, and in the hearts of people more and more comes disappointment and a complete spiritual life hangs. There was a time when the world is a rise of new energy. This wave of light brought the old spiritual schools and movements fresh breath. Gave new definitions have traveled and moved people's consciousness to space perception of reality.

Now who does not know the new words: quantum leap, transforming DNA, Indigo Children, 2012 and many other names, is filled

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Golden Woman — Great Goddess of Hyperborea

Golden Woman — is the Vedic way of the Great Goddess (mother of the gods), which owes its origin in matriarchal Hyperborea. She and Isis, and Freya, and Artemis, and Lada-Mother …

Mysterious journey of the soul

April 12, 2012 17:24

The problem of the soul is of great interest around the world. Official science prefers not to discuss this topic, although it is known that in many laboratories around the world for a long time are experiments whose purpose — to understand what kind of a substance, whether it is able to see, hear and think.

In the early 1990s, a great interest was Dr. Eugene Science Kugisa about unique research at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. Ultra-precise measurements conducted for nearly 12 years, have shown that people at death

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The first information about the mysterious planet X was published in «Washington Post» back in 1983

April 12, 2012 15:07

A large celestial body the size comparable to the planet Jupiter, which is at a relatively short distance from the earth and can be part of the solar system, it was found by an American satellite orbiting telescope operating in the infrared. Located mysterious planet in the constellation of Orion.

The object is so unexplored and unexplained, that scientists do not even know his true identity. Perhaps this is a huge comet, or "protostar" that do not have the energy to be a star, or a young galaxy, which is not fully developed yet. It

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In the U.S., prefer not to publicize the fate of adopted Russian children

The State Duma adopted amendments to prohibit U.S. citizens adopting children from Russia. They are part of the bill, against violations of the rights of Russians abroad. More information about the situation that caused the outrage of Deputies, Gayane Chichakyan.

Continuing the theme of the export of U.S. children.

These horns opposite — how much they will butt the whole world?


Sarcophagi aliens and mass graves

April 10, 2012 19:03

In Central Africa, scientists have found a cemetery aliens alien buried at least 500 years ago! "The graves are at least 200 bodies. Surprisingly, they are very well preserved. Now we are trying to find out where they appeared on Earth, and that they are killed — said in November 2009, journalists in Kigali, Rwanda, the Swiss anthropologist Dr. Hugo Children. "

The team of anthropologists found a mysterious cemetery in the study of Rwandan jungle, — the Weekly World News. At first, scientists assumed that stumbled upon the remains of an ancient settlement, but excavations

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Dolmen in Adygea — the worlds stone tomb with burials of people

April 10, 2012 19:10


Archaeologists exploring the dolmen "Koliha", located on the territory of Adygea amazed skills of people who lived in this land of about 4 thousand years ago. Inside dolmen burial are people for 450 years.

All these facts can be called a dolmen in Adygea — the world's only a stone tomb with burials of people. The tomb buried more than seventy people — men, women and adolescents, there is no one older than 60 years and no baby.

Dolmen donated to the State Historical Museum for its 140th anniversary. Now it is

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Why Moscow does not pay for the war of Minsk in Belarus?

Russia does not pay Belarus located on the territory of the Republic of the military, as it is an element of alliance countries in joint defense.

This was announced on Wednesday, January 26, First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov, the discussion in the State Duma agreement with Belarus to supply products in time of war.

"We did a number of military facilities in Belarus, the remnants of the military infrastructure of the Soviet Armed Forces, mainly related to air defense, radar, telecommunications," — said the diplomat.

Recalling that in the republic within the Russian garrison and serve as officers of

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Beetle witch doctor of all diseases

April 7, 2012 9:08

Eat healthy and be a beetle. A panacea for all ills — beetle medicine man, or the language of science — Darkling. In Ukraine, a new boom, our people eat in the morning on an empty stomach living beetles to improve your health. Sellers wonder insect arthropods online claim being treated for cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, and asthma.

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