Zadornov of Roman law and the trial of the Believers

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (Ether 12/10/2012)

Skyfish — defect, fake or unknown form of life?

April 5, 2012 17:28

In 1994, somewhere in New Mexico, he took video of something strange. He looked at all the shots and made sure that it is not a marriage of film and not an optical illusion — it was something alive, move at great speed.

Many people wishing to study the unknown forms of life, which often call themselves cryptozoologists can not say for sure whether you can call skayfishey animals, or are intangible objects. These strange creatures like the deep sea inhabitants: they have long worm-like body and wide ledges on each side, by

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Video by archivists. Ancestral Heritage

Our fear — food for the vast army of parasites

April 5, 2012 7:32

We often talk about the "epidemic of violence". And when we say this, then automatically declared themselves victims of man-made disasters, to which nothing is impossible. And in fact it is impossible — once we do have recorded a sacrifice, to being depressed, humiliated, slave. But then, I admit: we are sick is not violence. We are sick with fear.

Our fear — food for the vast army of parasites from the seller to the cad-cad from the corridors of power. And between them — stoned teenagers, hooligans, thugs, police, street girls, doctors with dirty

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Three-dimensional map of the brain pathways

March 31, 2012 12:42

The white matter of the brain, consisting of vascular bundles of axons, is not matted tangle of unordered and precise three-dimensional lattice, the complexity of which increases from the lower to the upper layers of the brain.

White matter pathways (photo authors of the study)

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) together with European and Chinese colleagues have built a spatial map of the white matter of the brain. White matter consists of fibers which, in turn, are composed of long neuronal processes — axons. Signal is sent down the axon to

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Great American show

The mystery of a great lama

March 30, 2012 18:18

Back in the early XX century, Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov famous as someone with amazing abilities — he could heal people, was able to predict the future and can easily read people's thoughts. Itigelov monk in 1911 received the title of Hambo Lama, ie the spiritual leader of Russian Buddhists in Buryatia.

In 1927, he retired from daily life, leaving before this very specific bequest — after thirty years, ie in 1955 had to "check" his "integrity", and after 75 years had "finally" draw from the grave. His will, executed in 2002. Buryat followers of Buddha September

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Forbidden Archeology

Riddles of the self

March 31, 2012 11:57

What the movie? The authors of the film "Mysteries of Our I" want to talk about us, ordinary people. About our capabilities, our perception of the world from the point of view of science and religion. About our desires, thoughts, about what prevents us to achieve goals and get what they want. Give us to understand that the only obstacle to achieving any goals are just ourselves.

The film Mysteries of the self is not just a story, it is a dialogue with each of us.

Authors of the film: Scenario: Victor

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