Day Svarog

In spring 1918, the great Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Academician Pavlov made in Petrograd public lectures "about the mind in general, and in particular the Russian mind." Their motive was the Great Commandment: "Know thyself."

Scientist counted his duty to try to give some material to characterize the Russian mind. He established and characterized the 8 basic tools and techniques, what has the proper functioning mind, and put this feature as a criterion, a bushel for the Russian mind.

One can speculate about the reasons that prompted Pavlov apply to the classification of the features of the

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Report of one of the mysterious places on Earth — the top-secret Area 51

March 26, 2012 20:03

"51" — the name of the air base in Nevada. She is known as a field, where the Americans have the latest aircraft. But locals claim: a top-secret airfield — this is only a cover. And the claim that the eyes saw aliens. On the highway — a promising sign: the next 150 miles, ie 241 km, petrol stations will not. The car continues to move deep into the desert is one of the routes of Nevada. Finally, the navigation system displays the name of the road "Highway aliens." This is not a

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Zhiharka (Ural Tale)


Mercurys found underground alien bases

March 21, 2012 22:28

Scientists are using the probe MESSENGER discovered unusual cavity in the surface of Mercury. Fans of the unknown have already state that it may be underground bases alien observers. However, the official science still does not know the exact answer, and any UFO theory flatly rejects.

Mysterious depressions occur in images on virtually all surfaces. These voids were a big surprise to scientists. For them, the Mercury has always been a celestial body that is not subject to change, a relic. But the void were under meteor crater. So, the first surface of the planet

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The world economy is concerned water reserves

About 60% of the world's leading companies have already set these targets are the costs of water, which they intend to comply with its use.

Acute water shortages in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to a global survey recently published in all newspapers.

Studies show that more than half of the 147 large firms expect problems associated with water scarcity in the next 1-5 years.

This suggests that 60% of firms have set clear targets and measures for the rational use of water.

Data predict that things will obstoyat much worse as the

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Dinosaurs. Giants of Patagonia

March 20, 2012 21:39

The disappearance of the dinosaurs — one of the greatest mysteries of the world. Modern science, geology and paleontology to recover as their last days on earth apocalyptic.

Our Planet




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Beauty darling

Victims time machines

March 20, 2012 17:41

Being and Time, the time and space … It has long been people trying to learn the secrets of these phenomena. Sometimes a higher power allows us to touch the mysteries of the universe. Fiction writers and futurists have written about time machines, and we believe their existence tale. However, it appears that humanity has already touched the mysteries of the universe, and even learned how to manage time, not being able at the same time to protect your body and mind.

Be greasy, Supreme Intelligence warns of our unwillingness to comprehend the mysteries of

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Tunnel through the planet

March 16, 2012 22:25

In the works of the father of literature HP Lovecraft horror are amazing monsters that live underground. But if we compare it with the text of half-mad stories of eyewitnesses, survivors of the caves, striking a striking resemblance descriptions. Involuntarily suspect that Lovecraft ever seen people, snakes, and they lived through the horror remained forever in his memory and left its mark on the life and work of grim. What is this mysterious world, outdoor science fiction writer?

It is difficult to find people who would not have been stories about creatures who

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