The film — a fairy tale. Varvara — beauty, long braid

Film-tale. Director — Alexander Rowe. 1969. There lived a king Jeremiah. He went on the annual trip to an inventory of his empire-state. He leaned over to the well to drink something, and was immediately grabbed by the underwater tsar Chudo — Yudo. Demanded a ransom for the release — such as Jeremiah did not know and did not wonder what it is in his kingdom.

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In Moscow, becomes more and more children with an old Russian names

As the head of the Moscow registry office, is now fashionable to call the girls Lubomir, Radomir, Milolika. Among boys, popular names Luchezar, Svetloyar, Budemir and others.

Last year, the most popular names were Sophia and Alexander, reports RSN.

End of time, or a scientific esotericism?

March 16, 2012 22:58

Scientific spirituality — the secret ancient knowledge, confirmed by science, leading man to immortality!


Recently, the poorest people of the earth is so much negative influence on the part of nature and the cosmos, that and want to shout, "Stop the Earth, I'll go!". Especially after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

It is true that the Mayan priests even fifteen hundred years ago warned the world about the 2012 planetary catastrophe. They predicted that the solar system by that time will be included in the energy-powerful galactic ray emanating from the

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Celts — the mysterious people

March 15, 2012 19:29

Celts on the lake Gallshtatt (second half of VI. BC)

The early European literature, folklore rather, learned a lot of the monuments of art of this ancient people. Heroes of the many medieval legends — Tristan and Isolde, Prince Ayzenherts (Heart of Iron) and Merlin — they were born Celtic fantasy. Their heroic sagas, written in VIII century Irish monk, featured fairy knights of the Grail, such as Parsifal and Lancelot. Today, very little is written about the life of the Celts and the role that they played in the history of Europe. More

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Russias population has grown at the expense of workers: Rosstat

Russia's population, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, on January 1, 2013 was 143.3 million. This is stated in the report of Rosstat.

For 2012 the number of people residing in the Russian Federation increased by 292.4 thousand. This increase derived mainly by migrant workers to compensate natural population loss — for the year 2012 were born in Russia 1.896 million people died and more — 1.898 million.

In comparison with 2011 the natural decline of Russia's population decreased by nearly 129,000 people and was the lowest since 1992.

The fact that migrants compensate for natural losses of the Russian

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Liberasticheskaya cultural capital

Perm Gelmantoz authorities. The transfer of 'events and people "of 12 May 2012, on the situation in Perm. The city is made to the various "performances" and "European-style sculptures" — from a capital P to iron terminator at the police station. There is also a large number of angular red headless men, in very different places and positions. All of this "creativity" famous "designers" Guelman and Lebedev allegedly intended to make Perm in the "cultural capital of Europe."

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Known prehistoric human ancestor found in China

March 15, 2012 8:36

Researchers in China have discovered the remains of a prehistoric man unknown to science. The people of this species live in China 15,000 years ago and died out without waiting for the end of the Ice Age.

The head of a group of scientists Darren Carnot believes that found fossilized remains belong to a previously unknown hominid family, says "" Paleontologists have made their conclusions after studying the skeletons found in China for the past 30 years. Paleontologists noticed the unusual shape of the skull, which looks like a skull of a modern man. At the

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