Brazilian boy died twice

June 10, 2012 23:33

In Brazil, there was a unique case, which can be safely ascribed to the category of the paranormal. According to The Sun, with reference to the Brazilian media.

2-year-old Calvin Santos (Kelvin Santos) died in hospital of pneumonia, and his body was released to relatives for burial. During the farewell ceremony boy lay in an open coffin.

One hour prior to the funeral the next day, the boy sat in his grave and said, "Daddy, I'm thirsty." At this time in the room other than the boy's father Antonio Santos had a few very close

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Secret area. Pyramid. Secret of immortality

June 3, 2012 12:01

Modern Egypt feverish revolutionary sentiments. Riots in Cairo led to looting. And the first target of robbers — The National Museum, a priceless storehouse of ancient civilization.

After the largest raid gone unique exhibits: two statues of King Tutankhamun, the statue of his father Akhenaten and stepmother Nefertiti, quartzite bust their daughter's heart and Skorobeya. These works of art can not be sold, in addition, some objects have sacred, magical significance. Experts do not rule out that the real purpose of the Egyptian revolution — taking ancient sacred objects.

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Bodies of British girls began to crystallize

May 28, 2012 23:07

British doctors are doing all they can to save a three-year British. Child before our eyes into a crystal.

When Emily Kemp of Leeds was 9 months, her parents are very concerned about a sharp reduction in weight daughters. The girl was vomiting all the time. Doctors long to determine why the health of the child so deteriorated.

Doctors conducted hundreds of tests and finally diagnosed. It turns out that the girl suffered from cystinosis. This is a rare genetic metabolic disorder characterized by a massive accumulation of cystine in the body. Suffers from the same

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At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the United States, found underwater Washington Monument?

January 8, 2013 1:32

Armed with patience and a program GOOGLE EARTH6, Frank Martin Salish (FM Salichs) found interesting objects on the seabed.

Besides the pyramids, Frank identified obelisk resembling the famous Washington Monument, but exceeds the size of religious buildings of the U.S. capital (height Washington Monument is 169 feet). The rounded shape and some details of the base indicate that the needle may be artificial.

"In the study of the oceans with GOOGLE EARTH6 I found the 640-foot obelisk in the form of a tower. It is located about 120 ml

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Secret areas — guests of the parallel worlds

May 11, 2012 14:20

According to the theory of multi-dimensional universe? on our planet, there multiple civilizations. This means that each of us can enter into other worlds …

The new quantum computer can outperform a supercomputer the size of the universe

May 8, 2012 9:56

We are confident that once quantum computers with tremendous computing power, are to replace conventional computers, which at that time would be an anachronism. The new quantum simulator, developed by scientists from the University of Sydney, has the "potential that could perform calculations that would require power supercomputer with a size greater than the size of the known universe."

Quantum computers are due to the effect of quantum superposition, which means that each quantum bit (qubit) can be equal to both one and zero. This is quite different from conventional computers, the bits of

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Parallel mir.Vypusk 7

May 3, 2012 10:15

What could end up in an enchanted cave tour? What are the reasons vozniknocheniya phobias? And where to hang a picture, to win the lottery? Also: how to make a talisman to protect from the computer? What a gift to choose the child if he sign Aquarius?

The origin of the planets

September 9, 2012 8:29

The hunt for exoplanets, planets located outside our solar system, which is very active in the last decade, has already produced a lot of results, which led to some incredible discoveries

And now, planetary scientists have a new scientific instrument — a detailed mathematical model that describes in detail the processes that lead to the birth of new planets.

According to this model, the cloud of gas and dust form a sufficiently dense disk around the central star. Millions of years, micro-and particulate matter that disk collide and form larger objects, which gradually increase

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Green UFO near the ISS

January 31, 2013 21:45

Archaeological charts

February 18, 2012 9:09

But what about the actual state of affairs with archeology? Converges if the real facts that we write in the textbooks?

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