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Mayan descendants pray before the end of the world

December 11, 2012 15:05

Standing under the Cuban sun, enveloped in the smoke of the incense — on the beach in Havana gathered the descendants of the Maya and their supporters. They hold a special ceremony to cheer up and remove the negative energy to the so-called "end of the world." According to the Mayan calendar, it will come on December 21 this year.

Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. On the other side of the world

December 7, 2012 4:37

These people live on the other side of the world. They do not see the real world as we are, but they are given insight into the world beyond.

People — household medicine. Experience Ancestors

November 7, 2011 9:13

Prevention of superstitious and partly therapeutic agents is still not lost its significance fire that is the subject of worship our ancestors.

The balance of belief in its healing and cleansing properties, interesting measure undertaken in some places against the spread of disease fever. When the house feverish patient of sex, on the valve, ignited splinters of fire through which pass all healthy.

In the case of a large epidemic in the village made public action: gather all the people on the street and, by way of primitive people, friction logs of timber, wipe

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Beijing discovered another area ghost

November 26, 2012 23:47

Area ghost in Beijing. Photo from

It has long been known to exist in China is not only the area, but also entire ghost towns, which created the infrastructure, but there are no people. Another such area found the Chinese media in Beijing.

Chinese journalists photographed the evening a few long-commissioned Shaoyaotszyu apartment buildings in the area. We see that light there is lit only a few windows at a time, as the windows of neighboring houses are lit almost all quarters.

Head of a local intermediary company that sells second homes, said

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Fractal pattern Sylvia Kordeddy

November 18, 2012 17:17

Kordedda Silvia (Silvia Cordedda) — Italian artist who creates stunning paintings, which are the result of the calculations of fractal objects, followed by a visual display. Her paintings — a mathematical formula!

Fractals? L (Crushed, broken, broken) — geometric shape, with the property of self-similarity, that is composed of several parts, each of which is similar to the whole figure entirely. (Wikipedia)

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In Transcarpathia found traces of Bigfoot

February 25, 2013 19:12

"Bigfoot" can and should be a good tourist attraction

So far, the theme of "Bigfoot" in Transcarpathia was developed at the level of mythology and folklore. Now the locals from time to time to drive a mysterious creature, and catching the elusive Yeti — is a new tourist attraction. In another scientific expedition in search of Bigfoot in Transcarpathia went correspondents ICTV channel last week. The correspondents of the "Maximum in Ukraine" personally convinced: though Transcarpathian meeting with snowman and did not record one camera, but old stories nobody questioned — there used to

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The genius of Vladimir Grankovsky Donetsk: I want to become immortal …

November 10, 2012 5:51

Donchaninu Vladimir Grankovskomu, graduate student Department of Computer Donetsk National Technical University, only 21, but he was the author of several scientific developments. In particular, it can handle a tiny manned the car … the power of thought. And helping him not telekinesis, and a special computer program that detects electrical impulses of his thoughts and move the machine in the desired direction. "The program is based on my individual settings for the other person will have to reconfigure the computer" — Now go right, then left, — commanded Volodya small plastic machine on batteries.

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Paleontologists have gathered over five years to create a dinosaur

November 9, 2012 0:35

The famous American paleontologist Jack Horner, in his time took part in the film "Jurassic Park", intends to enforce cinematic script and create a real live dinosaur.

According to scientists, there is nothing particularly difficult, and not even have to look prehistoric mosquito lands in pitch, barely having drunk dinosaur blood. Print the ancient reptile help create quite modern — those that, according to one theory, evolved from dinosaurs. We are talking about birds. "We will take as its starting point the chicken embryo and genetic engineering methods make him go back into the past,

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Rain spoke about the death of the Maya

November 10, 2012 4:49

Studies stalagmites in the cave have allowed scientists to determine that the Mayan civilization, which for three thousand years, occupied the territory of Central America, for some two centuries killed problems with the weather.

Trying to explain the mystery of the sudden collapse of such a thriving civilization, scientists for "weather" hypothesis before, but she had many enemies, and still serious, material and arguments in favor of it was not. Now these arguments appear. An international team of researchers from the UK, Switzerland and the United States published in the journal Science article on the

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In Bulgaria, excavated the oldest city in Europe

November 2, 2012 2:30

In the east, Bulgaria found settlement, which, according to preliminary data, it may be the oldest in Europe. Apparently, it was a major center of salt production.

Under the leadership of Vasil Nikolov from the National Institute of Archaeology around Provadia (Varna region) excavated two-storey houses, ritual pits, some gates, fortifications. Radiocarbon dating showed that existed in 4700? 4200 years BC. e.

The work is from 2005, and no end in sight. This season, the necropolis discovered human remains in unusual poses and objects typically exist in other Neolithic tombs in Bulgaria. The same bewildering

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