Baikal. Lake living? (21.01.2012)

Mysterious Russia: Is it true that the spirit of Baikal takes human life, whom he punishes, and who forgives, and why could not treasure hunters find gold Kolchak?


As impaired life

As can be understood and to understand in specific situations that we discount itself? Here is the most common life situations and circumstances, as well as the resulting form of depreciation themselves and their lives.

Fact the first. We are letting strangers run our lives, determine our choices, our values and goals, allowing them to control themselves. We allow other people's negative opinion of us to be a priority, and most importantly the "true." We stick together internally so negative itself, which has been defined for us by others who would like us are "close", but somehow behave toward

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Life is just a few steps from the Kremlin …

In the alleys of the Sofia's only waterfront in a private home of the Kremlin. Its owner, a retired Victor Rozanov, lived here for 74 years. See the video tour of the historic building.

Masonic symbol — the horns

In the Stavropol archaeologists have unearthed artifacts of ancient Egypt

Mounds in the North Caucasus, according to archaeologists investigated is not all. And even if the archeologists can find in them a treasure prosaic piece of bronze mirrors holds many mysteries. But on the Silk Road can still not be found.

Dampness and black diggers — the two main enemies of archaeologists, said senior researcher SUE "Heritage" in Stavropol Sergei Berezin. But if the burial was not destroyed, you can learn many interesting things: who these people were in life, what we do, from what died.

One of the latest discoveries of archaeologists — bronze pin, which among various

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The system worked: now lawyer Khasavov extremist

A criminal case against a lawyer Dagirov Hasavova. Lawyer accused of incitement to hatred, hostility and degradation. The grounds were his statements in the interview Ren-TV.

April 24 news release on air Khasavov covered the creation of the organization "Muslim Union". The lawyer said the need to spread Sharia courts. In particular, he said, if Russia will not allow Muslims to be judged by Sharia law, Moscow will be filled with blood.

These statements caused sharp criticism from the side of politicians and public and religious figures. In particular, representatives of the Northern Caucasus.

Khasavov himself says,

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Opening the Russian State Statistics Committee approved the list of languages and nationalities of the Russian Federation, we can learn a great deal

Chud went underground. Picture of Nicholas Roerich

Most likely, this is a misunderstanding. After all, according to legend of the Russian North, the people went to live in a cave more than a thousand years ago. However, in the Republic of Karelia and the Urals, and today you can hear eyewitness accounts about the meeting with the representatives of Chud. On one of these meetings we talked known ethnographer Karelia Alexei Popov. Read more>

Kuvada XXI century

Partnership delivery — both new and old phenomenon. This tradition is practiced in our hotels for families wishing to meet with a baby into the world, there is a private room in the hospital Abakan. Professionals — doctors and psychologists — virtually unanimous that partnership is delivery support and encourage … but considers duty to warn — this experience is not suitable for every family. To understand why this is so and what is required of both spouses, tried and members of the second forum of young parents.


It is believed that the practice under the title

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Special correspondent. Project Caucasus

Film-investigation channel "Russia" on how to squeeze Russian Caucasus. The fact that the Stavropol region is dangerous for living of the Russian population, so many go out far to the north … Project Caucasus — loss plan and division of Russia.

How old is Russia? How old is mankind?


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