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The future has begun, or the future that we do not need

 Man can not imagine what can not be.

In the Ural church raped children

In the Sverdlovsk region caught pedophile who lived in an Orthodox church. Offender lured coming to church children sweets and molest them in one of the cells.

How to set a consequence, from May to July 2011 at the Church lived in the Suburb man repeatedly committed crimes against children. Prescribed in Nizhny Tagil suspect was a laborer in the church and actually lived in one of the cells.

"An attacker who successfully indoors cells of a church, committed sexual assault against 10-year-old boy, and the sexual abuse of 11-year-old boy," — said the regional Investigative Committee. According to others,

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Old Russian language

In ancient times, the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four main messages — one for each main genera of the White Race. The oldest of the surviving documents, ie, Santa, were recorded h'Ariyskimi Ancient Runes or runes, as they are called. Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, but a kind of secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge. They include dozens of characters to be written by a common feature, which is called heaven. Warning signs and numbers and letters, and individual objects or phenomena — or frequently

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The history of 10 centuries, for 5 minutes. How did the map of Europe

Cartoon: Frosty pattern

The healing power of nature. Full medicinal herbalist — Edition 1871


Moroz Ivanovich — cartoon

Pope ceased to rely on God. The Catholic Church is afraid of losing their money

EU authorities' failure to stop the impending financial collapse forced the Vatican to engage actively in the process of making the necessary decisions. The thing is that the Holy See has always had great weight in the world of capital.

And there is no conspiracy. So-called "Vatican group" — it is the oldest financial and political pool, based on the "empire of the Catholic world."

They say that so far it is not known how much of this ancient group has at its disposal and how much money the bank performs its instructions. All in all the world there

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Kolovrat — Editorial Commandments Svarog

Kolovrat tells and explains the commandment of Svarog


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