U.S. flag fell from the proximity of Russia and Belarus :)

About console devil in Russian

The more primitive language, the primitive human mind, the more primitive the person becomes and the easier to manage so.

Prior to 1917, studied in Russia alphabet letters with meaning: As (I), Buki (letters), Lead (the Veda), Verb, Good, Is, Life …

Communards, seized power in Russia, closed this information, and began to teach the alphabet letters without meaning. Simply: a, b, c, d, e and all. Cleaned and closed meaning. Today, people in all the CIS do not understand why the word is so and not otherwise. Take a dictionary and spelling out the word rewrite thoughtlessly. But in

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They stole our country — this video is removed everywhere

Gold Reptilians


In Ingushetia border guards caught Bigfoot — Yeti


A few days ago in the area Jeirakh hunter saw the bear grabbed the sheep and dragged into the woods. The hunter went after him, fired several shots, after which the animal jumped on two feet and disappeared into the woods. Today, the border guards conducted a sweep of the area, and in a small valley is a strange animal, "- said Marshani

Police State USA: posts Intellistreets can see, hear and obey you scream!

America welcomes a new brand of intelligent street lighting: energy saving, long life, with LCD screens for displaying advertisements. And they can spy on citizens as George Orwell could not even see her in the worst nightmare.

At a price of more than three thousand dollars each, according to reportage ABC, such systems have already been deployed in Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh, and may be coming soon across the country like mushrooms after rain. Part Intellistreets systems manufactured by Illuminating Concepts, it includes some of the "application of national security."

Each system has a microprocessor "is essentially

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Conspiracy theory. The way the air


Kashchei death — by the end of the needle, the needle — in the egg, the egg — in a duck, duck — a hare and rabbit — in the trunk. Chest that is suspended from a tall black tree on a black mountain. What does this mean? Why kill Kashchei could only broke a needle? It is an allegory, or still the real information? For what distant lands traveling fairy tale and what the secret is encoded in Russian folklore? Where Pushkin and Ershov learned about the technology of the 20th century? Fairytale

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