The energy of love: the scientists discovered it, but could not explain


Today, Turkey is Syria fires, tomorrow will fire in your home. And you ride back to the resort?

The voltage at the Turkish-Syrian border continues to grow. 7 October Syrian missile was again a Turkish village. It tells RT correspondent Paula Slier, these attacks may not be an accident, but part of a well-planned provocation.

Recall, Turkey is a military-political bloc of NATO.

But people were against …

Turks took to the streets of major cities to protest against the military operations in Syria. The police, as usual, began to disperse them.

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The magnitude of the third world …

Tunguska phenomenon: Slavic genius

On the eve of November 4 in the suburbs brought Chechen bandits

According to well-informed sources from the Ministry of Defence, in the suburbs were housed units of the Chechen and Ingush OMON

This is due to the conduct of the "Russian March," which, according to independent experts, will bring together 15 to 25 thousand people.

If the situation is November 4th out of control authorities, Chechens will be used to quell the unrest.

In the Caucasus, confirmed the possibility of placing the Chechen OMON in the suburbs.Source

The new test allows you to learn the sex of the child is at 7 weeks

Doctors have developed a test based on a blood test that allows a pregnant woman to know the sex of the baby just 7 weeks after conception. It is three months earlier than was possible until now, when parents wanted for a second ultrasound, held by about the 20th week.

The new test checks for the male Y-chromosome DNA in the fetus. It can be detected in the blood of the mother. Male cells contain a pair of XY chromosomes while female — XX, so if the mother's blood detected Y-chromosome — a boy. Tests have shown that the accuracy

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Almost every second Russian lives from paycheck to paycheck

In a relative majority (40%) employed Russians monthly money for life ends before the next paycheck arrives, reports Research Center portal Rabota@Mail.Ru. According to the nationwide survey, one in three (33%) of this condition occurs at least once in three months.

Further, the phrase "money for life ends" polled Russians have a different meaning: for 36% it means a lack of funds for food and travel on public transport to work, to 33% — for utilities, maintenance personnel avtomobilya.Bolee broad meaning to this phrase give 28% of respondents: they think money for life ends when funds are insufficient to

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The population of Ukraine reduced

The population of Ukraine is reduced. Photo:

KIEV, February 18. At the end of 2012 the Ukrainian population was 45,550,000 people, or 80,600 fewer than a year earlier, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

The population of cities in Ukraine remained almost unchanged — downsizing had on the rural population, which for the year amounted to 14 million 174.4 thousand people. Only in the last year were born in Ukraine 520.7 thousand, 663.1 thousand people died, the natural population loss was 142.4 thousand. At the same time, last year, net migration was recorded in the

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Riots in London grow

  Groups of young people on Sunday evening, August 7, staged riots in London's Enfield, in the north of the city. According to Sky News, to the streets of at least 200 people. In the area of broken shop windows and attacked a police car. Representatives of Scotland Yard confirmed that on suspicion of looting several arrests. In Enfield, as well as in neighboring Tottenhem where riots occurred on the night of August 7, tightened extra police to patrol the streets. It is also reported that the number of people arrested in connection with the events in

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Traveling outside Russia tracked by microchip

Important news came on Monday for those who at least occasionally travels abroad, or just planning to do so.

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