The Secret History of Humanity

Secret history of humanity — it is quite different from that which we are taught in schools. And this story, like all of humanity, it does not matter that the two stories do not match. After all, contemporary history there are only hundreds of years, people lived on Earth for millions of years. New generations come and say, "We do not know, we do not believe it." But that does not change the past. And, besides, the scientists are wrong, at least, than ordinary people. Once they refused to acknowledge the existence of meteorites, saying that the

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Space trail existed for millions of years before Christ

Spaceships universe movie "Stargate"

Aerospace Academy, a group of scientists led by Kovalenko interested Dmitrieva authoritative opinion on the issue of direct contacts and periodic visits by our brothers in mind from far and near space. Open space scientists track aliens from outer space, which existed millions of years before our era, when human civilization has existed.

Landforms Siberia (reserve "Pillars", corresponding to the position of trace elements), placing megalithic Khakassia (Shire Salbyk) turns out to be closely related to the azimuth with the pyramids of Egypt, Palenque, about. Easter, the images on the Nazca (Peru). His

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Mysterious artifacts of antiquity, who were their authors?

Since Darwin science more or less managed to enter the logical framework and explain much of the evolutionary processes that took place on Earth. Archaeologists, biologists, and many others … Epidemiology agree and believe that is 400 — 250 thousand years ago on the planet thrived beginnings of this society. But archeology, you know, science is so unpredictable, no, no, and throws up all the new findings, which do not fit in neatly folded scientists conventional model. You will find 15 most mysterious artifacts that made the scientific world to reflect on the correctness of the existing theories.

Mysterious artifacts of antiquity, who were their authors?

Mysterious geoglyph Chelyabinsk region

In the south-eastern slope of the ridge Zyuratkul scientists discovered a huge geoglyph resembling the shape of animal, like a moose

In the history of archeology is inscribed a new bright page. In September, on the slopes of Zyuratkul in Chelyabinsk region found giant drawing of a moose. Geoglyph almost immediately broke all records. He — the only one not only in our country but also in the entire Eurasian continent. He — the largest and oldest in the world! Even the famous Nazca drawings in Peru and no less famous Uffington horse in England is much younger

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Veles book profit

XX century was the most destructive of Slavic civilization. At the beginning of the century is acquired was a "letter of Kitezhgrada" then — the mysterious "Veles book" found after the First World War and who mysteriously disappeared in the flames of World War II.

Mysterious boards Izenbeka

In December 1919, the White Army Col. Theodore Izenbek found in the devastated the Prince's Palace of the Grand Burluk (now Kharkiv region) abundance plates with strange writing. Officer in his youth worked as an expedition of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and, realizing the importance of old plates, take them with

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The reconstruction of the ancient Russian state

Our country is not 20 years, said in a recent DA Medvedev and not 1000 years before it puts VV Putin. Russian people in the 10th century AD were not beasts, such as the recently identified the Patriarch. Comprehensive data of modern archeology, ethnology, linguistics, genetics, etc. can begin restoring the once lost history of Russia. And out of this recovery process can be seen that the ancient Rus — a powerful state which occupied the territory of present-day Poland to Kamchatka. And earlier in the ancient Russia and were in Europe, and large parts of Asia.

We offer

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Sektret ur words or great legacy of ancestors

In the photo: Yakutia. Holiday "Ysyakh" — festival of the Sun. People standing in a sacred circle with raised hands greeting the sun shouting "Uruy" and "Uruy-Aikhal." What are the similarities between the two nations? What unites Yakut holiday "Ysyakh" with Slavic holidays Yarylo and swim? And is not the cry of "Uruy" Similar to our "Cheers"? Let's deal with!


What secret can reveal insightful Russian language and hear the man? What is the greatness of our mother tongue? Is it only because it wrote Pushkin? URAzumitelny answer gives an undistorted history of the ancient

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Fata Morgana of Ukok Plateau. What puzzles conceal the sacred place of Russia

Ukok Plateau. Photo:

"The people who did not know their roots, not worthy of the future" — says the ancient wisdom. There is a map of our country places in which and breathe, and live differently. These sites are primarily connected with the various historical events. Did you know, for example, than the famous Shardonsky archipelago in Karelia? What secrets, except nuclear, keeps ancient city of Sarov in Nizhegorodchine? What secrets hide in the bush Black Mountain Southern Primorye? Where did the twisting mazes, huge dolmens and bizarre seids on the White Sea and Baltic Sea?


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Lecture on Slavic outlook

Today we will talk about the Slavic traditional world. Of course, this topic is very broad and talk about it for hours — so we limit ourselves to a cursory review. But, nevertheless, I hope that I can truly convey the basics … Just want to draw your attention to a very important point: I do not claim to "absolute truth" and ask to perceive what I say, as my personal opinion. Opinion of the man who has been studying and restoring the Slavic tradition for quite a long time, but does not consider himself a "great magician", "King and

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Artifact from the bottom of the river in White Russia


From the bottom of the river Drissa (Rossony district, Vitebsk region) Minsk divers with Polotsk archaeologists raised the ancient idol, which dates back to pre-VI-XII centuries. According to experts, the find is unique in the world.

About a thousand years the wooden statue, which has no analogues in the Slavic world, lay at the site, which is now under water to a depth of 3-4 meters. Artifact brought to Minsk for detailed examination. It seems amazing and the story of its discovery.

Underwater hunter grabbed

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