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Excavations carried out the world Arkaim

Archaeologists Chelyabinsk State University reported the first results of an international expedition, open from May to July in the Chelyabinsk region. Season 2011 gave archaeologists three unknown parking lot of the Stone Age and a lot of interesting items in the Bronze Age barrows Arkaim.

The joint expedition CSU and Reserve "Arch" was attended by experts from the UK, USA and Slovenia. The task of the expedition was to explore archaeological sites in the village in the Steppe Plastovskom area. Experts in non-destructive methods of investigation of the University of Sheffield (UK) and Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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Most ancient Slavic legend


Such a gift of fate, I could not even dream of. It never occurred to me that I find to meet with inscriptions relating to the early Middle Paleolithic, if not earlier period. Moreover, I have analyzed this subject is fundamentally changing the idea of the geographical distribution of early Russian culture. Studies, the text I was in the process of learning interesting historical events in a book published by the publishing house "Veche" [1, p. 13-14].

The most sensational discovery. I'm almost finished processing the book when I was

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Light-skinned rulers of Egypt

Archaeological Expedition of Germany close to the mysteries of the pharaohs, the aliens, the builders of the great pyramids.

A survey of the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops, or as it was called the ancient Greeks) in the area of Giza, as well as the surrounding rock mass, which erected the pyramid, found many voids correct geometric size is clearly a matter of human hands, experts do not rule out that there may be the remains of Pharaoh's family, including the king's mother, already surrounded by ancient legends.

It must be remembered that the origin IV dynasty

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Unknown catacombs Gizy.Udivitelny Egipet.Eto interesting.

What is under the pyramids?

In recent months, a host of rumors and evidence about the excavation and underground passages on and under the Giza plateau. But why local authorities scoff and underestimate these findings?

Giza Plateau stores only surviving to the present day wonder of the ancient world: the Great Pyramid. Overall, the place continues to attract many, and each archaeological discovery instantly receives general public. But in recent years, excavations and discoveries at Giza virtually awarded media attention. Why?

The central figure in all of history on the plateau since the early 1990s — Zahi Hawass, ambiguous

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11 examples against the profane history of Russia

The history of Russia is perhaps one of the most closed in Eurasia. I always do, that history of Russia begins recently that as if to us before there was no one or we need that, we would have captured and lead. Some sort cattle we appear in school textbooks. I have long believed that Russia was great, and I want something to know more lyudee alternative view, backed by the following facts from an unknown author:

Example 1

Recently noted the 1000th anniversary of Russia. When she appeared on the reality?

The first capital (only the capital

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Veles book profit

XX century was the most destructive of Slavic civilization. At the beginning of the century is acquired was a "letter of Kitezhgrada" then — the mysterious "Veles book" found after the First World War and who mysteriously disappeared in the flames of World War II. Mysterious boards Izenbeka In December 1919, the White Army Col. Theodore Izenbek found in the devastated the Prince's Palace of the Grand Burluk (now Kharkiv region) abundance plates with strange writing. Officer in his youth worked as an expedition of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and, realizing the importance of old plates, take them with

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Archaeological finds turned notions of primitive man

NOVOSIBIRSK, February 1 — RIA Novosti, Maxim Koshmarchuk. Part of a stone bracelet, which, according to his age, is the oldest of the currently known female ornaments, archaeologists have found in Denisova Cave in the Altai region, a unique find completely changed scientists' ideas about the culture of prehistoric man.

Decorations for "Cinderella"

Found in the Altai bracelet "told" the archaeologists about its owner

According to RIA Novosti of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of

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Russian language for millions of years

In January 2010, I prepared for delivery to the publisher a new monograph, "Rune-stone-age tales of Russia", which brought together his articles on writing mainly in the Paleolithic, and, in addition, made a lot of new deciphering. The result was a solid material. On this basis, I could make a number of important generalizations as sections "Conclusions" and "Conclusion", which I suggest to readers in a separate article.


The above material can make a lot of important conclusions.

The first conclusion. It consists in the fact that, as expected, the writing was not limited to

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Altai authorities has postponed the return of the mummy Altai Princess

Mummy "Altai Princess", which was found by archaeologists in Novosibirsk in 1993 in the Altai Republic and taken away in Novosibirsk, may be transferred to a museum in the Altai until 2012 — that by this time the republic's authorities are hoping to prepare for the reception of a unique archaeological find National Museum of the Anokhin Gorno-Altai, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the museum's director Rima Erkinova.

Date of transportation of the mummy in the Gorno-Altaisk from Novosibirsk continually delayed. Earlier, the authorities of the Republic reported that the mummy could be moved in 2010, then called in 2011.

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Interesting archaeological finds

Researchers are still using various arguments, trying to explain the meaning of this figure predmeta.Eta was found in the ritual complex warehouse near Saratov.

And this from the Easter Island.

Are you intrigued?

Findings in Plochnike

It was believed that the copper metallurgy originated in Asia Minor, but artifacts from Plochnika (Serbia) for eight centuries older. That's what tells Kompyulenta about this: Serbia has discovered copper implements, whose age is estimated at 7.5 thousand years. If this is a sensational discovery is recognized by the international

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