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Siberia — the ancient Russia?

Princess Ukok — the name given to journalists mummy woman found on Ukok plateau that the Altai.

READY ADVENTURE IN SIBERIA Modern fairy tale in the scientific and popular style

And you quarrel with honest old days, And, for the ancestors of the great litter, Not listening to the voice of blood native, You say, "Let us stand to Varangians back Turn to the person obdoram! "

Alexei Tolstoy


History — is a genre of literature, which should be followed once and for all the rules. They were created in the XVII century by two monks, an

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Forbidden artifacts

On materials Daniel V. Cherkasov H

In the sixties of this century, in central Mexico, near the town Puedlo, parked in El Horno and Hetlako, archaeologists found many stone tools. But they were very high-tech, t. e. could be made only by the person with the highest level of intelligence and high technology. The head of a geological expedition, invited to determine the age of finds, Virginia Steen-McIntyre and her fellow Harold Meld of the American Institute of Geological Survey, as well as Roald Friksel of Washington State University, identified the age of the finds of two hundred and fifty

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Ancient country towns in Perm

Recently opened an amazing testimony of a great past Perm.

A large number of ancient cities and settlements, mines, remnants of metal complexes leave no doubt in the development of our ancestors …

We tend to think that all the finds and the remains of ancient buildings are found far away, in the habitats of the "great" civilizations of the past. We are accustomed to think that any place where they can be found ancient traces of human activity, immediately attracted the attention of scientists and archaeologists, there being excavated, described findings are published scientific articles, write about journalists. After

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Russian blood: History and Geopolitics

Recently it has become very urgent "Russian theme" is used extensively in the political arena, writes in "Live Journal" Alexander Nikitin, Secretary EVP MANPADS "Rus". The press and television are full of speeches on the subject, usually cloudy and controversial. Who says that the Russian people do not exist, said Russian Orthodox alone who include in this concept of speaking in Russian, etc. However, science has already made a very definite answer to this question, the author of the publication.

Scientific data, below are a terrible secret. Formally, the data are not classified as obtained by American scientists outside

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How to integrate the information in the Slavic Vedas with the latest research in the field of DNA-Genealogy

Slavic-Aryan Vedas

Research on the topic is a continuation of the study on the migration of the Slavs — Aryan (haplogroup R1a1) and their dispersal from the Balkans and the Carpathian Mountains about 6,000 years ago, described in the Journal of the RA DNA Genealogy Vol 2, № № 2 and 5 for 2009 The fourth part is devoted to the study of the date of formation of Novgorod on the Magi — the river. It is based on the materials reviewed in Russian chronicles sources, primary sources the authors of ancient times, the latest research in the

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DNA analysis confirmed the Vedas

Sintashta, Arch … what other secrets stored Russian chronicles?

A few words about the "Book of Veles"

Debate about its authenticity, or being rigged for years and so far no one party could not convincingly prove neither one nor the other. But the topic of our discussion today is not about that. We start from the fact that we have today, but we have information which shows that the "Veles Book" (VC) — a centuries-old work of different times, which reveals not only the breadth of lexical raznoryada but also historical descriptions of the repetition the same event from different

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Hyperboreans — the descendants of the Titans

Hyperboreans — the descendants of the Titans, witnesses and participants titanomachy. Indicative of this is the ancient authors, "Hyperboreans were titanic origin … they are adults of blood were before the Titans." Recall the sea near Kronidskim Hyperborea was called by the name of the head of the "party" Titans Crown — the father of Zeus. Yes, and the Crone, apart from the later version of the overthrow proolimpiyskoy to Tartarus, continued to dominate in the Islands of the Blest, a little different from the earthly paradise, and again located at a latitude of Hyperborea. Life on the island of

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Stages of human development in the Russian fairy tales and layers of traditional society

Plots of fairy tales. Approach of science and the way tradition

In the framework of the modern academic research can be considered established [1] that the Russian fairy tales describe a system of initiatory rites, which are members of traditional society as they mature.

At the same time, meaning, purpose and methods of these rites have remained largely unclear in the academic review. The subject of academic study — history, archeology, ethnography, folklore and other parallels. But what about the description of the stages of human development, and on the way to her — a true, comprehension transfer methods in

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Announcement of a new book, VA Chudinov Rune-stone-age tales of Russia

By runes 18:43. Category Clavyanskaya and non-Slavic writing, study of the sacred, as well as the subtle world.

Findings from a new book about the Paleolithic

VA Chudinov

In January, I had prepared for delivery to the publisher a new monograph, "Rune-stone-age tales of Russia", which brought together his articles on writing mainly in the Paleolithic, and, in addition, made a lot of new deciphering. The result was a solid material. On this basis, I could make a number of important generalizations as sections "Conclusions" and "Conclusion", which I suggest to readers in a

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Hyperborea and change the Earths poles

Ph.D., a researcher at the Russian North Valery Demin life collecting information about the legendary Hyperborea and searched the remains of this civilization.

— In the death of Hyperborea was guilty cold snap?

— This is the first thought that comes to mind when looking at the modern polar climate. Indeed, numerous data show that at different times in the Arctic climate change. For example, recently announced the results of a foreign expedition, which took place in 2004 — a research vessel with two icebreakers "Fit" to the North Pole at the distance of 250 km. There, the researchers

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