Unexplained factor (Evening Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk)

"When we lived in the Soviet Union, colleagues from the West always envied us"

Vyacheslav Molodin — renowned scholar and author of several hundred scientific papers and one of the world's experts in the field of archeology and ancient history of Siberia. Archaeological Myths and Realities, causes the disappearance of cultures and unexplained findings — at a meeting in the wording of the conversation was interesting about these things.

Sensations will be many

— Vyacheslav Ivanovich, there still may be some revolutionary discoveries in archeology?

— Of course, they are. The most recent example

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About unknown archeology

What the reader will discover here, known to many researchers' interests.

But all these details are unknown or inaccessible to the vast majority of people, often just because the official academic science does not want to explain the many archaeological finds and written, not to destroy it created a formal picture of intelligent life on Earth.

It is essential to talk about some of these findings and provide relevant explanations, especially since they are very well fit into the picture of the development of intelligent life, which is given in "The Book of Light."

…what is

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In the vicinity of Happiness Luhansk region have found the remains of mammoth

In the vicinity of Happiness Luhansk region archaeologists East Ukrainian University. Vladimir Dahl found the remains of a mammoth.

Recently, local residents in the village have found some bones of giant animals. But which ones — they do not know that so we decided to consult the Luhansk archaeologists.

"We have found the bones of mammoths, bison and deer bolsherogih — a unique paleontological collection. Age bones — from 10-30 thousand years. What we found — it is amazing: not every day you see the size of a mammoth polstola," — said the head of the public organization "Lugansk

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Serbia has found a large treasure of the Neolithic

In the Museum of the University of Tübingen, located in the castle Hohentyubingen (Germany), will be exhibited for the first time jewelry, small plastic and other works of ancient farmers, who lived on the territory of Serbia almost eight thousand years ago.

Archaeologists stumbled upon the virtually untapped deposits of artifacts this summer during excavations of Neolithic settlements in Belitsa, 140 kilometers south of Belgrade. There are about 80 pieces of clay, bone and stone, including abstract figures and miniature axes.

Among the most interesting findings, researchers have identified a number pyshnotelymi female figurines carved in serpentine — stone,

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In the U.S., found a large triceratops skull

Triceratops lived on the planet 65,5-68 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period. They were large herbivorous reptile with three horns, moving on four legs and had a special bony "collar" around the head.

It happened in popular culture that the Triceratops was the antagonist, a kind of nemesis T-Rex: A Prehistoric reptiles often depicted fighting among themselves. The fact that the fossil bones triceratops as tyrannosaurs, found in North America, together with the abstract opposition of carnivores and herbivores, may have played a role in creating the popular image of a prehistoric "terrible lizards."

But fame does

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Crawling zombies and witches

Last fall brought all lovers of the mysterious and mystical just two amazing discoveries. First in Ireland were discovered medieval skeletons with large stones in the mouth. Probably contemporaries did it with their victims, because they were afraid that the dead rise from their graves!

The finds were made during excavations in Kilteshine, near Lough Key. Total archaeologists found a total of 137 skeletons. However, experts believe that in ancient tombs is still less than three thousand people have died from 700 to 1400.

Men with stones in his mouth presumably died in VIII century. One was 40-60

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In Naples, there are the remains of the dead in the IV century

The street Egiziaca in Naples, is now the construction of a new metro line, archaeologists discovered the remains of ancient amphorae newborns, reports Corriere del Mezzogiorno. They were found at four meters underground. According to scientists, it is a burial poor residents of Naples, made outside the city walls in the IV-V century AD Premature to bury the dead children were then used amphorae.

According to archaeologists, the amphorae buried children less wealthy people, since it was cheaper than the graves in marble sarcophagi. The average life expectancy then was 30 years and infant mortality was in order. Newborns often

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Etruscan underground pyramid

A group of Italian and American archaeologists have found in central Italy Etruscan underground pyramid. This discovery was the first in the history of science.

Construction cut down in a volcanic tuff, above which is the city of Orvieto. The upper part of one of the pyramids used as a wine cellar. This is where the archaeologists noticed the remains of the ancient stairs.

Getting to the excavations, Claudio Bitstsarri from local archaeological park and David George of the American College of St. Anselm drew attention to the slope of the walls, which suggests a pyramid shape.

Dug layer

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Baikal — the ancestral home of the Indians?

Archaeologists have determined that in Transbaikalia 10,000 years ago lived Indians

The largest archaeological expedition working in the Transbaikal region Krasnochikoisky, in the ancient village of Ust-Mensah from the 1980's. Ust-Menza — a complex of archaeological sites. Archaeologists studying it for 30 years. So unexpected find for so many years. They found an unusual burial in the settlement of Ust-Mensah-6 (Gruzdeva Collection), which has more than 40,000 years. The grave is very similar to Indian. Age — about 10,000 years, writes world-archaeology-news. The oldest in the region.

As explained by experts, the burial pits dug in the form of

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Black smoke and the ghosts of the dolmens

— Sit down, all of you will see, — said Don respected physicist — teacher SFU Physics Department, Candidate of Sciences Sergei Gerasimov. He turns on the computer and start the video.

On the paper of Professor Gerasimov no video or photo. This and other photos are taken from a collection of anomalies in the dolmens from the site dushadolmena.ru

…At first, nothing unusual on the screen there. Forest path. Then the camera focused on a large dolmen with a round hole in the ground. Dolmens — structures made of stone, laid by our ancestors about five

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