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Great episode of a great movie "The Legend of Princess Olga!" All izTORiya noted in detail so that's scribbler of hristyanstva …

In Lugansk region, archaeologists found a treasure

The day before, members of the archaeological center "Spadschina" found unique Cimmerian burial abroad in the X-IX. BC, containing the unique treasure of bronze weapons, reports

It is learned that in a joint archaeological reconnaissance officers archaeological center "Spadschina" and students of East Ukrainian National University. Vladimir Dahl in the area near the village of Popasnyansky Belogorovki was Cimmerian treasure comprising 15 pieces of weapons, including a bronze dagger, rare types of spears, darts and arrows.

"It seems that after manufacture and the minimum technical processing, weapons are stored as a value and to this end has been

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Secret signs. A world without children


As in the temples of the ROC illegally selling wine


Ecovillage Grishino eyed friends

Part of the movie about Ecovillage Grishin (there are more than 10 years), shot kovchegovtsami.

Uploaded ecokovcheg, date: 05.02.2009

The Tale of Tsar Saltan

This tale, thanks to the genius of Alexander Pushkin, the great Russian poet, known to children around the world. It is about the amazing adventures of the brave Tsarevich Guidon, thirty-three knights coming out of the sea foam, led by elder, Chernomor, beautiful Swan-, bewitched by an evil sorcerer, and, of course, Tsar Saltan, first ruined his family fortune, but then miraculously restored it.

Andes painted white

Peruvian Andes engineer has painted in white, according to Interfax.

Project Eduardo Golda participated in the contest "100 ideas to save the planet", announced by the World Bank. The World Bank allocated project funding in the amount of $ 200 thousand project will be implemented in Peru, at the peak of Chalon Sombrero, which over the last three years, has lost 30% of its glaciers. According to calculations of the engineer, it is necessary to paint the surface of about 70 hectares of the mountain, the temperature dropped significantly and snow again began to accumulate on its slopes. This method

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TV and man

A very significant moment. Goes live broadcast, a reporter and presenter actively discussing money problems, and in the background a woman falls, rolls down the steps and still squirming there. The reporter did not pay attention, although it is clear that the rush to the fallen and the leading passers completely ignores what is happening behind the reporter and drooling actively discussing some billions of dollars …


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Sled dog race near Minsk Zaviruha — 2013

Third consecutive winter competitions driving sport "Zaviruha — 2013" this year were held in accordance with the most severe international standards: for example, the road races were prepared by snowcat, professional snow grooming machine. The most famous in Belarus Olympic training center for winter sports participants and spectators created a competition all the conditions not only for competition, but also to help and quality rest.

Race spectators waited extensive entertainment program: it was possible to shoot a bow and crossbow, play medieval Scottish games, compete in the laser hit the dash, to be photographed with the dogs,

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