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Russian history replaced the Germans


Old Russian language. Sergey Danilov

Full incredible discoveries conversation with Sergey Danilov — researcher and Holy Russia Old Slavic languages. The language they speak to each other hemisphere? Language and caste among the ancient Slavs. Reform of Cyril and Methodius — Peter the Great — the Bolsheviks. Incredible discovery in Russian fairy tales and poems of Alexander Pushkin. What is the purpose of the Slavs?

Eyewitness terrorist attack in Domodedovo all killed, and I

Take heart, people! Condolences to the families and friends of the victims ….

Lomonosov. Missing History


Day of cosmic history with 1-10

The most interesting documentaries. At the heart of all scenes — exclusive facts, hypotheses, and eyewitness accounts, analysis and evaluation of scientists and experts.

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The Americans pulled to work … in China!

For many years, American jobs went abroad, in countries such as China and India. Now behind them and pulled the workers themselves.

"I'm just tired of what's happening with the economy at home. I thought that in other countries, I might get lucky, "says Francine — a former real estate agent in Las Vegas, which is in search of work has recently moved to the city of Xi'an, in central China.

She works two jobs, but says that the standard of living in China, it is better, than when she left Nevada. "It's kind of ironic — the middle class

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In Russian villages are no hospitals and transport


Russia has launched a brutal ride on survival … The feeling is that the authors of change in medicine curiously watching — will die out completely or is it pull through those whom care and to relying on legal aid, it appears ineffective … The reporter and used to think that even local officials terribly far away from the people, but that bureaucrats were so immoral!

REN-TV — the conquest and subjugation of the East U.S. conquest and subjugation of the East

Year: 2007

Country: France

Directed by Manon Loizeau

Genre: Documentary

The film, entitled " U.S. conquest and subjugation of the East "tells about the technologies of training and the" color "revolutions in the case of Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Next in line, according to the authors of the film, is Russia.

Russia to join WTO

Voices of "Edra" advantage, the other one does not ask …

State Duma ratified the protocol yesterday on Russia's accession to the WTO. 238 deputies were "for", 208 — "against." As expected, the debate and discussion on this decision were hot. The opposition strongly opposed and foretold the economic collapse of Russia. However, the votes of the party "United Russia" is still an advantage.

The next network revolution did not take place in Minsk

The next network revolution in Minsk, which the organizers have appointed on Wednesday, failed for lack of the protesters, said the agency has learned. Organizers called for people to gather in the city center on Independence Avenue and proceed along until October Square. However, neither 19.00 — start the action or subsequently in the streets protesting noted. Interest in the shares of "network of revolutionaries" showed except foreign and Belarusian media. In the end they had to settle for "staging aplodirovaniem" smaller groups (5-10 people) of young people who openly expressed their protest on the steps of "McDonalds".

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