Why did the army find Caucasians problem?

State Duma deputy from Dagestan called upon the Ministry of Defense with a request to increase the conscription of the Republic to 3-5 thousand people in 2013. The authors of the initiative argue their request that in Dagestan military service is honorable, besides an army of young people lack experience makes it impossible to continue to work in the security services. However, it is believed that in the Defense Ministry did not take much long for the service of the republic. According to the military, Dagestanis poorly controlled, they have problems with the implementation of the orders.

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Happy Victory Day!

Memorial Day — a holy day for all citizens of our Motherland! In this happy and sad at the same time on the day we remember the unparalleled heroism of the defenders of the Motherland — soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. On this day, we pay tribute to the deepest respect and inexpressible gratitude to everyone who procured the victory by fighting on the front lines, and brings it to their selfless work in the rear. On this great day, we remember all those who have ever stayed in the fields of fierce battles, those who

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ROC: Burn the books of the Old Believers!

What is Orthodoxy?

Home chipovaniya submissive population

The prison of the mind …


Military Secret (2012.10.29)


December wonders in the Sun, SOHO recorded

One can not disagree with the statement:

Editorial JCE PLANET So many versions and now put a cliche — the truth on what either of them early. More data are needed. Although the need to learn from the different parties there is no dispute.

You'll have to excuse me, I have to present this material in a separate article, but restrictions on entry in the comments section does not allow embed videos into the discussion. Video should be in another section — strangely close to the Sun, but you look like? In that section, only fixed strangeness,

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Magic HAriytsev

Military secret. (06.08.2012)

— Unknown facts of the Georgian-Ossetian war — "Tskhinvali cross" — the truth about the war — The latest developments of Russian and Israeli weapons — "Armoury" — all the secrets of the Israeli Army — Karabelny new Russian missile system — Graveyard of sunken ships — a unique find Russian researchers

In Japanese temple dog will learn to pray

Chihuahua has become a popular attraction in the temple Jigenin on Okinawa. Okinawa Dzhoei Ioshikuni before the altar.

Looking directly at the statue of a Buddhist deity. When the priest begins to pray and raise clasped hands, Conan also raises his paws and brings them together at the tip of the nose.

Visitors to the temple are watching everything going on with curiosity, amazement, and then with admiration and joy!

— Conan started to get up in the prayer position whenever wanted a treat, — says the priest of the temple Dzhoei Ioshikuni. — Compression of the hands — is

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