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Russia: Putin era

He was a child loved stories about the scouts. At age 23, Vova Putin was assigned to the KGB. Thus began a long way intelligence agent — and the eternal security officer employee. It was a true vocation future father 140,000,000th Russia.

Detained in Minsk buses with explosives

Oleg Pekarsky, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: I would like to make an official statement about the events that took place around October ploschadi.V away from the area 19 hours in the Internal Affairs received information about a possible movement to the square of the two cars to be equipped with special equipment for bodily injury, explosives. And that set up a group of people that is going to make a destabilization on October Square.

Was soorentirovan outfit that was out and confirmed that the removal of October Square stood a group

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Generic ring of power

Intuitive level through the subconscious is conjugate with the whole universe …

Generic ring of power is when eternity behind and an eternity to come … and you're just a link in the never ending chain of generations, our ancestors … all behind us, and all our generations after us to come …

You look at them … they are on you …

It — proud, tough, courageous people — hunters, explorers, warriors — beautiful, powerful, violent people …

You always feel every moment of their indissoluble unity … they have it and you do it

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Russians are allowed to work remotely

Elected officials have made changes to the Labour Code and the Federal Law "On Electronic Signature", which will regulate the employment relationship between the employer and freelancer.

Photo: shkolazhizni.ru

Thus, the State Duma adopted in the first reading the bill on remote employment.

The bill provides that information about remote work can not be made in the work book at the request of the employee. A copy of the employment contract will confirm the period of remote work.

The document also suggests that an employment contract between the employee and the company may electronically. In signing the treaty

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Mikhail Zadornov — Pro geek


On November 9, the U.S. is going to test emergency alert nationwide

Broadcasting stops throughout the United States for 3 minutes, 22.00 Moscow time to check the warning system emergencies.

All of this is presented as a matter of course. But fans of conspiracy theories do not be fooled.

All sorts of tests — a favorite undercover. Official tests were conducted during September 11. Official tests were conducted during the subway bombings in London. We can only guess what is going to stir them.

Test systems Emergency Alert conducted on TV and radio constantly and stopped broadcasting. Why stop up all TV and radio across the country?

These tests are conducted

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Great Wall of China was built … not Chinese!

Says the president of the Academy of Fundamental Sciences Andrey Tyunyaev: As you know, just north of present-day China, there another, much more ancient civilization. This has been confirmed by archaeological discoveries made in particular in Eastern Siberia. Impressive evidence of this civilization, comparable to Arkaima the Urals, not only has not been studied and understood world history, but do not even have a proper evaluation in Russia. As for the so-called "Chinese" walls, then talk about it as an achievement of the ancient Chinese civilization is not quite correct. Here to confirm the correctness of our research is

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On the current construction of wooden houses

Every man must build a house in their lifetime. If he does not, of course, no one would blame. Those who are interested in construction, will be useful information about log homes, in this article we will discover many secrets, give advice when building a house made of wood. For the construction you will need to acquire not only wood but also additional material to help with the construction.

Before embarking on the construction of a wooden house, you should have the basic skills of construction. Professional builders say the wooden house built more complicated than any

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I.A.Globa — Question — Ramha

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (Presenter: I.A.Globa) Issue: Why Ramhu call God? Is there a difference between Rod and Ramhoy?

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