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Kostroma archaeologists have found an ancient settlement

Another monument of archeology in the Kostroma region has more. Archaeologists Regional Museum officially announced on the eve of the opening. During the expedition last fall, they found an ancient settlement in the village in Teterinskoe Nerekhta area. After careful study of the artifacts found there experts have decided to present them to the public.

The finds date back to the 12th century. Basically, it's pottery and ironwork. Among them are the unique things. For example, like this horse ice-going spike. Until the 16th century in Russia horseshoes hardly knew and used such a device here. Teterinskoe was a

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Slavic mark on Khoper

The vast majority of ancient finds, by their low attractiveness (pottery shards, stones, bones) and left to lie on the steppe and riparian spaces, while the all-powerful nature is not to rebury them in another place, or do not destroy the dust. Well, if the way of this process will be a person who, because of their curiosity will draw attention to them.

Petroglyphs talking

Something like what happened with chalk stone, found nine years ago near Khoper around Ostrouhovskogo farm. Here is what the local newspaper wrote "Victory" in December 1999: "… Students Ostrouhovskoy school about a mile

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Ancient fabric ferris Gate

One of the oldest textiles in the world is found in the Russian cave damn gate in the Primorye Territory.

The remains of the ancient textiles found in caves Bloody Gate

On one of the oldest fabrics in the world, found in a cave in the Maritime Territory, and the possibility to carry out carbon dating in Russia at the present level, "" said Dr. Geography Yaroslav Kuzmin, a senior fellow of the Novosibirsk Institute of Geology and Mineralogy.

Archaeological data and related science suggests that the earliest surviving articles of vegetable fiber, for the manufacture of which is

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World Utitsa — geometry of the Gods

Geoglyph found in the Urals. Utitsa world — witness the grand paleocontacts. Perhaps, for its creation was to use a powerful laser weapon. It's just a giant object! The scope of the "wings Utitsa" is ten miles away. A depth — tens of meters! World sensation. You have not seen this!

I always visit this most remarkable place on Earth. For more than forty years. The western slope of the Ural Mountains. Village Settlement. Located in a unique (and soon you will know why) Chusovaya river bend. One of the oldest settlements in

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Mikhail Zadornov — Glory Rod!

My father and mother the same age. This year, they would have turned 100 years each! It is a pity that they do not see this book. When my sister and older brother were very young, they drove us to different cities to explore the distant and not so distant relatives. I was the youngest. And very surprised at where we have so many uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, sisters, brothers, daughters, nieces, brother-in-laws, and? And anyway, what of those words that mean?

Mom and Dad were very happy when we are all together common interests, corresponded

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What was before the Baptism of Rus — Kolovrat

Presenter: Let us, so I went to school here, yes. Studied history and I have it that more or less describe the story. Well, as they say: the sources are, as a book on the scrolls. It's as if since the Baptism of Russia, but that was before — it is like a dark spot. Yes.

Father Alexander: Well, we do not.

Presenter: For you — no. Well, just have two questions. Who needed or how it happened? So that you know what is described, for example in your books. It was not in the textbooks, this one did

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Writings of the ancient Slavs

Originally written Slavic-Aryan was shaped, that is hieroglyphic. One such image contains much more imaginative information than one character syllabary, and even more so — the phonetic alphabet. A man who knows imaginative writing, their outlook was quite a mature personality, and knowing the phonetic — can be ignorant.

All the ancient priests had the ability to read information from the form not only hosts, but also to their field level. In nodular letter Slavic-Aryan to the main narrative thread tying knots in words-concepts (hence: nodules on memory, thought to bind, to link the word with a

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Rusov on Indian history

Recently in Kiev Indian followers of the Vedas spread information about how Indians are currently the world's history in light of the teachings of ancient prophet Krishna, who lived in India in the 32 th century BC:

"In the sixties of this century, in central Mexico, near the city of Puebla, at sites in El Horno and Het-varnish, archaeologists found many stone tools. But they were very high-tech, ie could be made only by the person with the highest level of intelligence and high technology. The head of a geological expedition, invited to determine the age of finds, Virginia

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Riddles Cimmerian civilization

Cimmerian people is one of the oldest nations in Eastern Europe and the first tribe of the region title, which remained in the earliest written sources. Mysteries of the Cimmerian civilization still not solved and leave a lot of difficult questions for historians and archaeologists associated with their origin and history.

The ancestral home of the Cimmerian tribe is the basic version of the Lower Volga region, from which the 1000 years before our era began promotion in the northern Black Sea. Kimry city, located in the Tver region of modern Russia, to this day keeps the name Cimmerian

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Jewish-Chechen state Khazaria

Jewish-Khazaria Chechen state — an assumption that Khazaria was the Chechen state.

In support of these arguments lead as:

1. The name "Khazar" recalls Chech. "Haz ape" — "beautiful country."

2. In Chechnya was the first capital of the Khazars. [1]

Khazars undoubtedly possessed the territory of Chechnya.

For example, the Chechen Wikipedia article Self Nokhcho people says:

Chechens joined relatives in Chechnya, is creating another realm which was called Haz Are (Beautiful land, territory) (Khazar) Khazar Khanate in Haz-headed ape which ruled Keganhoy (chech. KIaganhoy) Melchi, of Tukkhma Melchi (chech. Malhy) Melchi. the term is a term Keganhoy (Khazar)

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