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Falsification: the opening as a fraud or deceit on the scientific

Many scientific discoveries are now hitting too many questions, but the fact of deception absolutely not proved. Resorted to cheating researchers and first-class, sometimes even recognized geniuses, what to speak of ordinary mortals. However, the dark side of the history of science is not particularly advertised, although there is, writes WashProfile. For example, in 1970 in Mexico have been discovered and subsequently published texts which, as stated, have been created by civilization m, Aya. The famous scientist and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman in 1965, which is also engaged in translation of Maya glyphs (he translated the astronomical treatises of

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The myth of the black savage pre-Christian Russia

Pre-Christian history of Russia is often shown in a dark color, our ancestors in her "wild" barbarians in animal skins living by hunting and fishing in the primeval forests and swamps. The only bright spot, the Vikings look normal, "brought" the light of the foundations of civilization to Russia (according to the Norman theory) and Princess Olga savages trying to instill the principles of Christianity. As a result, the majority of Russian citizens pre-Christian history of Russia — a real terra incognita ("Unknown Land" from the Latin.).

In fact, at the present time, Russia needs a bit of German

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Vadim Deruzhinsky. Cemetery and Christianity — sanitation against faith

"What distinguishes Christianity from other religions? Of course, by Jesus Christ. But not only. There is another important difference: the cemetery. The emergence of Christianity connected not only with the appearance of belief in Christ, but also the emergence of the phenomenon new, previously unknown people & for the first time put the cemetery in the center of their settlements and started to bury the dead. "

Deruzhinsky Vadim (Vadim Rostov) analytical newspaper "secret research"


Riddle triumph of the new faith

I think all of us who claim to be Christians, we know the circumstances surrounding the emergence

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That killed the last wild crocodiles in Russia?

Read the famous Englishman Jerome Gorseya notes, dates from the end of the XVI century. In 1589 he once again goes to Russia. Keep in mind that 100% of foreigners visiting Russia, and later Russia, were not only merchants or ambassadors of the documents, but foreign agents. Spies, to put it simply. Or the Holy See, or any European monarch. And their notes — a kind of reports to the center. So here is what this Horsey. (Quoted by Jerome Horsey. Writings on Russia. XVI — early XVII century. M.: Moscow State University Press, 1990.)

And still

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In the Altai, a new type of human

40,000 years ago, this place was in the Altai melting pot of civilizations. Photo: RIA Novosti

The study of fossils from the Denisova cave has changed our understanding of the origin of Homo sapiens. Number of publications devoted to the fate of the Neanderthals, in fact, always been pretty tight. But in the past year, this background information has changed, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. One of the sensational — in the journal Science (from 26.08.11, v. 333): "Who were Denisovtsy? '. In it, American researchers say that by mixing with Neanderthal Man Altai (Denisovans), whose remains

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Earthly history of the peoples of the ancient world

Vsevolod Ivanov. Exodus from Hyperborea

History of the Earth — is a complex and sometimes tragic chronicle of the many events that the destinies of nations and civilizations. We have heard the echoes of some of the events in ancient times, in the form of myths, legends and stories. From ancient times, the pyramids were destroyed structures, strange stones, ancient burial mounds … living witnesses of those times is not, nor is there any significant information sources. There are a large number of modern scientific and literary works, which are put forward various theories and views

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Roerichs heritage

Outstanding People of Nicholas Roerich  First, we will have to remember the well-known both in Russia and in India, artist Nicholas Roerich. It's an amazing life, an amazing creation, it is a wonderful example of togetherness, maybe not on the surface, but still spiritual closeness of our peoples. Russia and India have noted the importance of maintaining and supporting the unique artistic and cultural heritage of the Roerich family, which is essential for the Russian-Indian friendship. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia When I think of Nicholas Roerich, I marvel at the scope and richness of his work

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Vladimir earth keeps a few mysteries

Vladimirskie archaeologists have discovered in the earth unique finds … Summarizing the results of the next field season, the archaeologists said — it turned out "fruitful" and allowed to solve some historical mysteries.

Vladimir land keeps many mysteries. Photo: Victor Stohalski

Riddles Kideksha

Become absolutely transparent page in the history of the ancient architectural monument of white stone architecture in the north-east of Russia — Church of Saints Boris and Gleb in the village Kideksha.

Here remains amfaly — one of the essential elements of interior decoration of the medieval church, later transformed in the pulpit. Archaeological discoveries

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In Magadan region unearthed artifacts of unknown cultures

Vzone flooding Srednekanskaya HPS in Magadan scientists during the excavation of the artifacts found here previously unknown cultures.

In the flood zone Srednekanskaya HPS in the Magadan region, scientists discovered during excavation artifacts previously unknown cultures here — reports "Interfax".

"Found fragments of clay pots, as well as products made from obsidian. This volcanic glass, the source of which is hundreds of miles from the Kolyma — Kamchatka and Chukotka. How do these things have been in what is now the Magadan region, to be seen, "- said researcher at the laboratory of history and archeology of the North-East

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The most ancient idol

Age Age Greater Shigirskogo idol was 8680 summer was 8680 years

Unique exhibit — a wooden statue, a few thousand years older than the Egyptian pyramids and even the biblical Tower of Babel — is stored in a special room of the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum. To the west of the Urals city Nevyansk, the former estate of merchants Demidov, stretches a vast peat bog Shigirsky — marshy meadow, in the center of which is Shigirskoe lake, being overrun with reeds. From ancient times, this area lay untouched until the XIX century in the Urals were not open gold

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