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Magic Ring

Russian version. Secret of Hyperborea


Military tradition FOREST

The main differences from other systems of the battle:

1. Lack of racks 2. The lack of blocks 3. No reception 4. The Wave Principle of strikes and movements 5. Transportation, care and strikes are made by mixing one or more "cores," and not by the movement of the legs or arms. 6. Education is not by memorizing movements and the adoption of motions based on intuition and intelligence of the body.

7. Present nine style of warfare such as "Bear", "Wolf", "boar", "horse", "Kochetov", "hedgehog", "cat", "Snake" and "The Raven." (This is not a style,

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Judge: Priests can no longer be trusted

Pope Benedict XVI has not fulfilled its promises, said the head of the organization that defends the rights of victims of pedophile priests, Barbara Dorris. Pontiff not only punish pedophiles, but, on the contrary, gave them higher grades. According to Dorris, climb up in the church hierarchy can someone who turned a blind eye to sexual harassment.

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Tolerance of

European tolerance in London. No comment.

Birch: Magic and treatment — Golden apple


Book of Veles (Zadornov and Hnatiuk)

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