Message from the Creator of September 17.

"1. All that is happening on Planet Earth, and especially in Russia (in any case, it is destined to go the way the first insight and Transfiguration), is the forerunner of the biggest events in the long history of the fifth race!

2. Imperceptibly and invisibly I (Surya) I bring people to the realization that the world of the past, or the passing world — a world of injustice and the power of Mammon (Evil Material World, which represent the Illuminati and their henchmen) called "capitalism" — is really a thing of the past, for mankind failed to form a

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Message from Archangel Michael

With you now for the last 10-12 days (September) occur and will be some of the events that can be interpreted by your mind (person), your experience of living — it is not in perspective and not in those vibrations, which would be more gracious to undergo this experience.

Yes, you can take this experience as you like.But we found it necessary to explain what is happening now.

A new wave of light that came in September and which is widening, pushes you to a higher level of awareness, forcing pass, clear past lives, parallel incarnation and life that you

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Message from SaLuSa from September 17.

"During the cycle of duality you have lived many lives, and if you look back, you'll probably find that they were one of the most difficult that you have had. Reason is that you are going through the lowest vibration when you- or learn. This meant that you felt more detached (four curtain separated the land from the residents of the spiritual world) from the source (from God — the parents of his soul) than all of the previous life, and you lived in a largely thanks to its survival instincts. Those who brings light to the earth, had problems

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Messages from the Federation of Light.

September 17:"In the early stages, when you first start to consciously change their forms of thought for the better, it can be a bit of a trick, as many of you have fallen into the habit of thinking negatively, always considered the bad side of everything and always fear the worst and expectations. In fact, just a slight majority of positive thoughts for negative thoughts to bring you the next time schedule, which has a positive nature. Just use your vivid imagination.

We are sure that you would not want to experience the future timeline, you create through all

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Message from Kuthumi

"I inform you that a month, this 3D body to heal humanity and the Earth has been passed successfully."

Let me remind you what it is about. The Message from Kuthumi July 26, 2012 said:

"From 25.07.2012, the order of the Higher Father / Mother (Prime Creator — Ra and Surya) from Galactic Central Sun (Nibiru, also known as Alcyone), the Milky Way galaxy to the solar system and the earth, he served Healing energy dense bodies and, therefore, all the dense bodies of living creatures of the earth.

Time (terrestrial standards) for recovery of the dense body of the

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Message to the teachers of Shambhala 13-16. 09. 12

Message of Pallas AthenaGradually, more and more people pay attention to the fact that the material life and not life itself, but only the spiritual development and perfection of the soul can be called real life.

It is difficult after so many years of existence in the illusion (the material world) suddenly begin to see clearly, to understand that all that was done, was not the main thing in life, did not carry the special benefits the soul, its improvement.

Now there was an opportunity to change everything. Change yourself, change your life, shake off the illusion of glamor (the

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Message to the teachers of Shambhala on 17 September.

Message from Shiva.

Effect of Darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen) is increased, it is her agony. Seeing his loss in Eternity, Darkness (Master of Darkness — Illuminati), however, is not going to give up that easy and puts all his energy for the exclusion of people from the chosen path of the forces of light. Shadow (Illuminati) use any means and capabilities. It gives the heart (Person) people irritation and distrust, condemnation, jealousy and anger. People who had recently been in unity, feel the chill of distrust between them.

Effect of Darkness (Illuminati) appears. It alone can not change

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Message from Metatron on quantum transitions and Ascension

"In 2012, will shift our dimension of reality of the phenomenal world third major-overtone toward the Fourth Dimension, the fourth octave. With the ascension of humanity of the Earth to a higher level of consciousness, all lower overtones than our third major overtone, will also rise together with us. This means that the "lower worlds" that lie in the frequency range below our world will be able to start moving into the 4th Dimension. And probably, we all met there, though it may be, we will go the same way in different overtones of the 4th Dimension and the inhabitants

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Message from Ashtar and El Morya on programmable chip

This letter states, and the latest news on the Crystalline Grid land: what was done, what the consequences, what is planned and what we can help the forces of Light.

"Let's start our conversation in order. Order our joint report to be global processes occur both in space and on Earth. Nevertheless, the center of reference, the focus was still the planet Earth and all changes to it. Kosmos was in this If only the center of the expression changes of the planet Earth. This means that all the changes were planned for the Earth according to the logic of

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Space news in early September

Report of the Gods 10 stages (information field of the earth) and 11 stages (Quantum Gods) Ladders Universe's progress report for September 3-9:

"Last week was intense joint work of the Spirit of Heaven (Gods) and ascended souls of the Earth (Workers World), co-creation with numerous shining minds, constantly coming into our solar system (Galactic Federation of Light) to ascend the Capital of the World (our habitable world). simultaneously expanded consciousness ascended souls continue the process of large-scale changes in all cosmic rings (stair treads Universe) and quantum worlds of gods (gods of 11 steps of the ladder of the

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