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Channeling: The flow of 21. 10. 2012

10/21/12 A message from Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi. Hello, our beloved people! Today, I am entrusted with the next open flow of energy in your world. Comes an interesting time — a time of real change in your life, in the life of the planet Earth. All the preparations that were needed for this are fulfilled. It remains to show changes in a tightly run. Our warning to you, guidance and support have been implemented at the time and all you have prepared internally. Of course those who were far away from reading our messages has less

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Great transition. Changes in perception.

Now coming to the planet powerful flow of energy, which is intensified by the day, and will continue to be strengthened by the hour. You feel it for yourself. Your body and your experience tells you that. Many of you have found a short-term health problems. It — headaches, high blood pressure. Your head sometimes buzzes like a transformer, which high voltage is applied. And so it is.

But, more than that, you probably notice their mental and sensory responses. Many appeared irritability, worsened sleep. The main feature — a jump process. That is, the sudden and

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Channeling SaLuSa, October 15, 2012

As soon as we look around your world, we see that your personal awakening becomes stronger, and people are more willing to talk to each other about the Ascension. Of course, there are some difficulties with the transfer of what it would mean for the individual, but at least the knowledge of grain sown, and it will grow.

Naturally, there are plans to provide information on a global level so that people can see what a wonderful opportunity to open for every soul. Among those who first learns of the Ascension, will be ruled by fear and

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Message to the teachers of Shambhala on 17 October.

Message of the Beloved Mother Mary.

As every mother in the world of his love child, gives him everything necessary for growth, so we have to give a part of yourself.

We are well aware of your problems today, your strife, your differences, as in the movement, and in everyday life. This stems from many causes and they all come from your relationship. As you can build that their relationship with their environment, and takes the energy around you every second of reciprocity. Not your world stability, there is no good feelings, they only just born and believe me it

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Master Jesus Christ — About Shares «Opening Portals Unconditional Love on Earth»

Soon, I and the Angels in the second Ray of Love will open portals (Gates) Unconditional Love, Love forgiving. This is the message I transmit to you here and now advance. Favorite, it is a great joy in my heart and in your hearts! This event has long been realized in thin planes (the spiritual world) Earth. Now, beloved, it is beginning to be realized in a more dense plane (our material world) … In your plan, dear family.

Linear time — it's an illusion, but as long as you consciously practice it, it will still be with you. But

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Channeling by the Founders. Favorites.

Seventh resolution … — intervention Helpers of God

To help the souls in preparation for the Rapture and the souls that are not ready for the Rapture, but wish to remain on the earth during the transition from the third-density planet (3rd Dimension) in the fourth (4th Dimension), there was a seventh resolution. It gives beings higher densities permission to intervene in the affairs of mankind.This authorization is in two parts:

1). Guidance and assistance in the process of growth and evolution.2). Intervention programs in nuclear, neutron, electromagnetic and chemical weapons in the world.

In the 1940s, when human beings

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Channeling: Divine order

In the past few weeks, the Ascended Masters send us messages about how events may develop for a particular month, one way or another. And a common and frequent in them had information to the effect that many things will become clear, what was hidden from us, from the people.

This included policy, financial institutions, religious and legal structures. And, indeed, got out that it became impossible to hide, despite the vehement attempts to hide the obvious, and to continue to "feed" the people exemplary policies and their "caring" activities.

But, some people began to start

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Message to the teachers of the Galactic Federation of Light on October 14.

Message from Kuthumi!

Today we bring you the good and joy! So are the words, but they are completely different energy from the sound of words. They are multifaceted and multidimensional. Perhaps many will not be able to feel their full. You need to have an open heart and a generous soul. We brought unusually warm feelings of our love to soothe your fevered mind. For many it was heated, which is called "to red." You can not bring themselves to this state. Not your world is nothing to torment themselves so inquisitive mind to exhaustion. No matter how you

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Now at the moment we start to talk to you about this deployment and magical memories of their natural abilities in you.

Energy New Era promote that you possess sacred gifts that have initially cellular memory in DNA.

To expand its multidimensional divine power, you must:

— Sense of purpose. Why do you need to remember how to use your primal magical gifts? Be honest with yourself: Do you want fame? You are involved with a sense of power, of superiority over people? This will allow you to gain position in society? This is a tempting means of enrichment? You


Message from the Galactic Federation through SaLuSa from October 12.

Like you, we have to deal with the delays, but as long as we can still meet our objectives as planned, that's not really our concern. We can easily adapt to any circumstances, but for you it means more frustrating because we can not give you anything other than that until dry information about events.

Looking at your business, we can see how so many groups get a free hand and do a good job, which accelerates the inevitable end of the last remnants of a secret elite. We will be ready at the right time finally throw them

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